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Google Rolled Out Panda Update 3.8 on June 25th

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A recent post on Twitter indicates that Google released a new update to Panda just yesterday on June 25th. The update comes in the wake of other recent Panda updates, including one on April 26th and another on June 8th. The new update is being described by SEO'ers as Google Panda Update 3.8. It's slated to affect approximately 1% of all search engine queries across the world.

Traditionally, Google has refreshed their algorithms for both Panda and Penguin on roughly one-month intervals, although they have bucked this trend in recent months.

Major Update or Minor Changes?

According to Google, Panda Update 3.8 includes absolutely no changes to signals and algorithms, and is rather a basic refresh of the data in which they ran the algorithm another time. Still, the fact that 1% of queries will be affected indicates that rankings may change slightly for some sites. As a concerned site owner or blogger, you'd be wise to keep your eye on your Google Analytics account over the next week or so to determine whether the update affects your sites.

Google's Instructional SEO Videos

In other Google-related news, the search giant recently posted a series of videos to its Webmaster Tools site that teach basic concepts of SEO. Some of the topics covered by these videos include:

  • How Google works
  • How to ensure that Google is aware of your site
  • How to influence your site's search ranking
  • How to make great content for your site
  • How to best implement images and video on your site
  • How to use Google+ with your site

The videos are rather basic in nature, but serve as an excellent crash course for anyone wanting to know more about the fundamentals of SEO. The company also released a catch-all 10-minute video demonstrating the most important aspects of SEO for startups:

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