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How Google Works, According to Matt Cutts

google's matt cutts

For all questions SEO-related, Google Webspam department head Matt Cutts is probably the person to ask. Cutts joined Google as a software engineer way back in January of 2000, and he's become something of an SEO legend during his decade-plus of service at the world's biggest search engine.

Who better, then, to explain just how the Google search algorithm works than Matt Cutts himself? In response to a very broad question from a reader, Cutts has developed an 8-minute video to do exactly that, explain how the Google search algorithm works.

Even if you are an experienced SEO'er with solid knowledge of crawling, indexing and page rank, the video still serves as an excellent reminder of the fundamental workings behind the search engine algorithm we all want to rank well on.

Everything Google Does, in 8-Minutes

Well, maybe not everything, but Cutts still manages to squeeze a ton of information into his response to a broad question that could otherwise be dismissed as a desperate plea for any type of optimization help:

"Hi Matt, could you please explain how Google’s ranking and website evaluation process works starting with the crawling and analysis of a site, crawling time lines, frequencies, priorities, indexing and filtering processes within the databases, et cetera?" - RobertvH, Munich

Cutts is obviously surprised by the broadness of the question, but his answers end up making a lot of sense:

If you could have any SEO question answered directly by Matt Cutts, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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Posted on 23rd April, 2012 by Mike Quayle

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