Google Domains Available For Beta Testing

google domains

Between search, email, social networking, online mapping and a host of other services, it seems like Google has had its hand in just about every major aspect of Internet business – except one. Until now, Google has been notably absent from domain hosting, instead instructing people to check out their domain partners such as and

Google has now launched an invite-only beta version of “Google Domains” as a test for a possible hosting service. The launch comes only a few weeks after GoDaddy filed for an IPO.
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New YouTube Message Fuels “ISP Blame Game”

youtube message

Last week we reported how net neutrality issues could have a profound impact on both Internet marketing and the way users access specific websites. One issue that’s brought net neutrality into the limelight involves streaming video services arguing that Internet service providers are responsible for lagging playback.

Last month, an ongoing battle between Netflix and Verizon resulted in the streaming service displaying a now-removed message on slow videos, stating “The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback.” YouTube now shows a similar message.
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Google Removes Authorship Photos from Results Pages

authorship photos

Almost exactly three years since Google introduced authorship markups to their search engine results pages, they’ve made a big change in the process that has come as a bit of a shock to the SEO world. In an attempt to “clean up the visual design” of the SERP’s, Google’s John Mueller announced last week that authorship profile photos and Google+ circle counts would no longer appear in both desktop and mobile search results. Mueller’s announcement indicated that, according to Google’s experiments, click-through behavior would not be affected. Many SEOs are skeptical of this claim, however.
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Small Internet Businesses Could Suffer Without Net Neutrality

net neutrality

The issue of net neutrality, or an “Open Internet,” is a growing topic of debate that many have likely heard of but might not know much about. When considering the fact that net neutrality might come to an end, it becomes clear that this is an issue every Internet user needs to pay attention to, especially if they’re concerned with Internet marketing.

In general, “net neutrality” refers to the concept that all data on the Internet should be treated equally by Internet service providers (ISPs), rather than ISPs being able to discriminate or filter data based on content, platform, financial issues or any other factor.
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Major Brands See Big Decline in Facebook Organic Reach

facebook organic search

The term “organic reach” refers to the number of people that can be reached simply by posting content to your business’s Facebook page and having it appear in users’ news feeds. Organic reach is one of the main reasons why marketing on Facebook seems so effective – it’s free, simple and has the potential to net some huge exposure.

Unfortunately, it seems that organic reach is going extinct. It’s been known for months that Facebook was in the process of cutting down the organic reach that businesses could have, but it was unclear how bad it would be until a new report revealed the exact statistics.
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