Firefox Developer Edition Launches

firefox developer edition

Mozilla’s Firefox browser definitely doesn’t have the popularity it once did. According to Adobe, Firefox was the second-leading browser behind Internet Explorer in U.S. desktop and mobile usage combined until around the end of 2011. At that point, Firefox was eclipsed by current leader Chrome, as well as Safari and Android browsers.

Experts attribute Firefox’s downturn to the fact that they’ve been notoriously absent in the mobile sphere. However, Mozilla does seem to be coming up with ways to solidify their small but dedicated user base, such as the new Firefox Developer Edition.
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Bing Focusing on Search Apps To Compete With Google

search apps

The latest comScore numbers indicate that Google still has over two-thirds of the search market share, and some people believe that number is actually quite a bit higher. There’s no question that search marketers will need to focus mainly on Google in the near future.

However, between the Bing it On Challenge and the claims that their image search is superior to Google’s, Bing hasn’t been afraid to try grabbing some of that share. Now, however, it seems that Bing will be moving away from pure search and focusing more on search apps in order to compete.
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Is Facebook Advertising Worthless?

facebook advertising

Last month, content marketing powerhouse Copyblogger announced that it would be deleting its Facebook page. This was somewhat surprising, seeing as the company had around 38,000 likes, and it’s well-known that Facebook is one of the more important platforms for marketing content.

So why would an extremely popular company do such a thing? For starters, they simply weren’t getting the engagement they wanted. The problem goes much deeper, though, and Copyblogger’s actions could be indicative of a serious, fundamental flaw in Facebook advertising.
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Paid YouTube Subscriptions Could Be On Their Way

youtube subscriptions

YouTube is clearly one of the most popular sites on the web. It gets over one billion unique visitors every month, and around 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site each minute. Competitor sites like Vimeo are growing, but their viewer numbers pale in comparison.

Now, however, it seems like YouTube wants to transcend its user-created paradigm and compete with “premium” content companies like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and Amazon Prime. This means adding another revenue stream, which means giving users the option to pay for an ad-free experience.
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White Papers Aren’t Dead, But How Are They Different From eBooks?

white papers

Last week, an article titled “The White Paper Is Not Dead” appeared in the Huffington Post. It was an interview with John Fox, founder of Venture Marketing, and it defended the use of white papers as an effective marketing technique. Indeed, so many articles have asked “are white papers dead” that it could seem like their usefulness has ended.

However, most of these articles conclude that white papers can be useful for generating leads and getting conversions when done right. But they fail to answer one glaring question: if your white paper is a long piece of content in PDF format, why not just call it an ebook?
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