Google Adds Mobile Usability Feature to Webmaster Tools

mobile usability

The importance of mobile traffic should not be underestimated. Earlier this year, comScore reported that people spent much more time accessing digital media on smartphones and tablets than on desktops. Also, according to eMarketer, smartphone users could total 1.75 billion by the end of this year.

Most webmasters understand this trend and have taken steps to ensure their sites are mobile-friendly. But is there more you could be doing? Google’s new mobile usability feature could help determine the answer – and it might be more important than you think.
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Yahoo Becomes Default Search Option In Firefox

yahoo logo

Despite talks of breaking up Google in Europe, search marketers know that it will continue to be the most important search engine in the foreseeable future. Also, as far as browsers are concerned, Google’s Chrome is the most popular in the world.

These facts raise a question that marketers have had to deal with for years: is it worth the time to focus efforts on other search engines? While the answer to this question is “of course,” the Yahoo engine in particular often ends up coming in a distant third behind Bing. Mozilla’s recent announcement has an outside chance of changing that, though.
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Forrester Research Recommends Ditching Facebook Marketing Completely

facebook marketing

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would be significantly reducing the reach that promotional page posts get in followers’ news feeds. In response to user feedback, “overly promotional” updates from pages will get much less organic reach starting next year.

Combined with the facts that brands are already seeing steep declines in organic reach, and Facebook advertising is suspected by some to be worthless, it’s easy to see why respected marketing research firm Forrester is recommending brands move away from Facebook marketing completely.
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Evergreen vs. Viral Content: Which Is More Effective For Your Brand?

viral content

Every content marketer’s first priority is developing high-quality content. But secretly, all content writers want their pieces to go viral too. Wouldn’t it be nice to write a blog post or create a video that gets tons of views, likes and shares right away, causing thousands of people to visit and convert on your site?

Of course, you don’t want to be a flash-in-the-pan either. Maybe the better strategy would be to create long-lasting, valuable evergreen content that gets a steady stream of traffic over time. Which strategy works better?
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“Facebook at Work” Faces Uphill Battle

facebook at work

Are the major tech giants running out of original ideas? Maybe not, but a trend in which companies try to steal some share from others’ flagship markets seems to be increasing as of late. For example, Google launched Google+ after the success of Facebook, Microsoft launched Bing to directly compete with Google, Facebook launched Graph Search to get into the search game, and there’s evidence that Apple could be doing the same.

Now, a project known as “Facebook at Work” could directly compete with Microsoft and Google in the workplace software field.
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