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comScore Lists Most Used Mobile Apps - Google and Facebook Dominate

most used mobile apps

According to Business Insider, 65.5 percent of the millions of people who use smartphones fail to download any new apps in a given month. This is despite the fact that over 1.4 billion apps are available in Apple's app store and 1.5 billion are available in Google Play.

Clearly, this data tells us that a majority of smartphone owners prefer to use and revisit a smaller number of apps rather than constantly downloading new ones. While this behavior could change over time, a new report from internet analytics company comScore reflects the current trends.

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YouTube Kids App Makes Its Debut, Still Includes Ads

youtube kids

Last year, we reported that Gmail and YouTube accounts specifically designed for children were in the works. Now that the YouTube Kids app has finally launched, we may now be seeing the beginning of a full-on strategy from Google to develop child-friendly services.

Privacy, data collection and ethical concerns aside, the new app could be good news for parents as well as businesses that cater to small children. Video marketing is incredibly effective, and YouTube Kids may present a new portal by which family-friendly organizations can get some exposure - if they deem it ethical to do so.

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comScore Data Reveals App Popularity Shakeup


comScore recently released data for United States smartphone marketshare for September, and although the data has not changed significantly overall since July when comScore first started tracking this metric, the big surprise was the drop in the popularity of the Google Maps application.

At one point, Google Maps was more popular than any other smartphone app in existence, but after hitting #5 in July, the app sits in the #8 position behind things like Pandora Radio and the Apple App Suite. Read on for full rankings.

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Google Brings Back Zagat App for Nightlife and Restaurants


A post published yesterday on the Google Official Blog reveals that Google is bringing back the Zagat mobile application for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Although you can already get most of the information contained in the application through Google Maps, you will want to check it out if you are looking for a convenient and concise way to access information pertinent to bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and the like across most of the major cities - especially since the application is free and requires no registration.

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New Google Maps is First Dedicated for Tablets

google maps

The official Google Maps Blog published news yesterday of a significant upgrade to - what else? - the Google Maps application. The new version of the Google Maps application is being released now through Google Play for smartphone and tablet devices that utilize the Android platform.

Speaking of tablets, this is the first version of Google Maps with a build dedicated to the larger screen sizes of iPads, Kindle Fires and the like. The new version of the Google Maps will be available through the Android App Store and on iOS devices soon, as well.

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