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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Content Will Suck

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Writing high quality content for your personal or business website or Blog can be extremely difficult, especially if you are looking to establish a loyal following of readers.

In addition to learning to write high quality, grammatically correct content, you will also want to take the time to learn at least the basics associated with search engine optimization (SEO). The reason for this is that high page rankings require both quality content and sound SEO principles. However, the intent of this post is to list the top 10 ways to make sure that your content will suck.

10 Items That Will Ensure That Your Content is Poorly Written

#1: Don't Put Any Time Into It

If you really want to make sure your content will suck, then you should spend as little time as possible writing it. You may naturally be a fast writer, and words may have no problem pouring out of you, but the best writers spend time developing their content so that it's the best it can be.

#2: Don't Share Any of Your Best Thoughts

Be sure to write about the most thoughtless and boring topics you can. Good writers will want to share their best and brightest ideas right away, but if you want your content to suck, write content that no one cares about.

#3: You Don't Know What Your Audience Wants to Read

Great writing is about finding a common ground with your readers and making a connection. But if you have no idea what it is that's really important to them, your content will show this. And it will suck.

#4: You Don't Read Other People's Content

If you're not spending any time reading other people's work, then it's a guarantee your content will suck. Good writing happens when you read a lot because you're able to gain other perspectives and writing styles.

#5: You Don't Know How to Personalize Your Content

When people go to a certain website, it's usually to find out information on a certain topic - they want to find the answers to their problems and clarifications to their confusion. If you can't write content to address these concerns, it's all over.

#6: You Can't Provide the Answers

All content should have a specific objective and if you're unable to provide the solutions to those objectives, your content will suck. Most readers will want actual, tangible results. Keep that in mind.

#7: Write Like You Would in a Diary

Quality, professional content should have the polished look and feel of an online newspaper or magazine. So if you write like you do in your diary, congratulations because your content probably sucks. Your content should not be a hodgepodge of random thoughts. It needs structure and a purpose.

#8: Readers Don't Respond To It

It's a fairly standard online rule that content without comments sucks. When you have a reader respond to and comment on your content you know that for better or worse, they read your words and are motivated enough to act on them.

#9: You Have a Scientific Background

Be honest with yourself. Your content will suck if you can't break free from the technical, detached mode of scientific writing. You won't gain a following because you won't be able to hold anyone's interest.

#10: Don't Write on a Regular Basis

This may be obvious, but if you don't have a routine of writing on a regular basis your content will suck because you haven't mastered your craft, or even tried. As they say, practice makes perfect.

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Posted on 8th April, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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