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4 Strategies to Make Your Blog More Interesting

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As a blog writer, one of your primary objectives is to obtain the ability to attract readers and convert them into repeat visitors will largely determine whether your web site succeeds or fails.

In order to build a large and devoted readership base and to increase the overall value of your blog site, you will need to post, with a high frequency and in real-time, content that is interesting, informative, and valuable to your readers by using a clear and concise sentence structure. Below are four proven strategies and approaches that are designed to make your blog posts more interesting.

1. Focus on Current Events

Many bloggers make the mistake of assuming that current events and breaking information are only relevant to news blogs. In reality, fresh and unique content should be a goal for any blog, regardless of subject matter. Take, for example, a blog about jewelry making.

Though it may be tempting to use your blog as a venue for rehashing the basics of combining gems and various metals to create jewelry, you'll experience far higher traffic levels by crafting interesting blog posts that relate to current events in the jewelry industry. The Internet has been abuzz with news of Kate Middleton's recent engagement to Prince William. Your jewelry making blog might benefit from a post about Middleton's engagement rings, with actionable tips that your readers can use to create a replica of the ring.

2. Discuss Controversial Topics

In order to create an interesting blog, consider posting content that may cause disagreements among your readers. This doesn't mean that your blog has to contain content that is crass or offensive. Rather, simply try to choose topics that may be met with opposing viewpoints.

Examples include movie reviews, entertainment news and political news. Creating blog posts that all of your readers will agree upon should not be your goal. Feel free to take a stance on a controversial issue, and invite your readers to do the same.

3. End Your Post With a Question

One of the primary keys to making a blog more interesting is to invite participation from your readership. First, you must ensure that your blog site facilitates reader comments. Next, try ending one of your posts with a simple question, such as "What do you think about this issue?"

You might clarify your question by summarizing the two most popular viewpoints regarding the matter, and then letting the readers decide. Follow through on your question by replying to your readers. Engaging in thoughtful discussion with your audience will show that you care about your blog and the content that you write.

4. Provide Previews of Your Next Post

Many blog writers are familiar with the old adage "leave them wanting more." This doesn't mean that you need to post an incomplete blog post that you'll complete the next day. Rather, you might include a blurb in your post that alludes to something you'll be talking about within the week, or even the very next day.

This will give the reader a reason to return to your blog. If possible, tie your current post into the one you're previewing. An example of this might be a blog post including a video game preview. This is a great opportunity to mention the game's release date, and state when you'll be posting a full review.

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Posted on 20th May, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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