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5 Ways to Keep Your Brand Laser-Focused on Delivering High-Quality Site Content

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Investing your business’s precious advertising dollars into market research, link-building strategies, email solicitation campaigns and more can boost site traffic, but, alone, may not be sufficient to capture customer interest. Today’s consumers expect startups and SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses) to go beyond typical advertising tactics to deliver insightful, actionable and well-written site content.

Translating site traffic into a base of loyal, long-term clients in today’s increasingly competitive digital marketplace requires businesses to maintain focus on developing engaging content strategies.

What Is High-Quality Site Content?

High-quality content is an elusive concept for many startups and SMBs due to the subjective nature of the phrase. Is material considered high-quality when it is merely well-written and grammatically correct? What other factors should you consider?

Generally, high-quality site content must deliver value to potential customers who visit your site. This value comes from unique, well-researched, original and useful information which grabs a reader’s attention and engages them in a conversation or excites them to action. In fact, according to a recent study, 84 percent of consumers now expect brands to provide site content that is entertaining, tells stories, provides solutions and creates valuable experiences and events.

High-quality written site content takes a variety of formats, but often includes:

  • Blogs
  • Home and landing pages
  • White papers
  • Product descriptions
  • How-to guides
  • Case studies and more

Strategies to Keep Your Quality Content Development Focus on Track

Although SMBs often focus on crafting beautifully designed websites full of stunning borders, graphics, fonts and more, ultimately, the true measure of relevance to a consumer lies in the quality of a site’s content.

Keep the following five factors at the forefront of your strategy to help develop and maintain a consistent focus on hosting high-quality site content:

1. Deliver Valuable Content for Your Customers

What good is the content on your site if it offers no real value to a reader? You can host endless articles about the inspiration for developing your company, your mission statement, organizational goals and more, but you’ll need to assess if this content alone will keep customers coming back for more. What about your product and service descriptions? Do they deliver any value beyond basic, bland details full of overt advertising jargon?

According to one survey, nearly 70 percent of consumers desire to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional advertising methods. Give customers what they want and consider adding content including customer reviews, unique features and ways to use the product, and more.

2. Play to Your Strengths

What sets your startup apart from other businesses competing for attention in the same market space? Do you have a unique product or deliver one-of-a-kind services? If so, your site content needs to tell this story in a manner which stands out from the static. Consider creating a blog on your site to give clients an opportunity to engage with your content and learn more about what makes you stand out from the competition.

3. Harness the Power of Your Social Media Pages

A great way to foster interaction with your customers and drive positive interactions is to promote new content via social media. Startups and SMBs can harness the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to keep consumers informed of the latest developments with your business and link to fresh, exciting new content on your site. This tactic also helps enhance your brand reputation.

4. Get Creative with Formats and Styles

Endless blocks of text, even if they are full of engaging material of superior quality, could erode a reader’s patience. This detail is especially true for the growing number of netizens exclusively reading content on mobile devices. Craft some space for creativity in your content by embedding a video, an infographic, or break the text up with bullet statements or other creative formats that keep readers engaged.

5. Serve Generous Portions of Fresh Content Regularly

Last, but certainly not least, keep your site freshly stocked with new content. Avoid the appearance of stagnation by mixing up formats, lengths and styles of content to appeal to your users’ sense of excitement. Investing time and money in developing superior quality content can help yield tangible results by building loyal customers who return to your site for a fresh dose of the latest developments with your business.

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Posted on 15th January, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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