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6 Ways to Create SEO Friendly Content with Ease

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Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, can be quite useful in getting your website or blog noticed and read by many more visitors. In fact, with the millions of websites and blogs that currently exist on the internet, and compete for your visitors, it is absolutely critical that you develop a sound and effective SEO strategy.

The basic idea behind SEO is to create high quality content that is search engine friendly, pushing it towards the top of the search results. To help your blog or website attract more attention, here are a few ways to help you create SEO friendly content with ease.

1. Use Targeted Keywords

A large part of SEO is integrating certain key words into your content. However, instead of simply using the most common keywords, it can help to use keywords that are more specific to your target audience. Plan your content around your readers.

Using common but generic keywords might attract more visitors, but many of them might be completely uninterested in the topic of your site and its content. By using more demographic-specific keywords, you can ensure that you attract the visitors who will be interested in your website and what it has to offer.

2. Stay Up to Date

By monitoring other websites and blogs, as well as taking note of your own readers' interactions, you can identify current popular topics and trends. For instance, if your have several articles that receive more hits and feedback than others, analyze what possible keywords might be drawing people in and use that information when you create new content. Using popular keywords can get your more hits and keep your content fresh.

3. Make Your Content Reachable by Search Engines

Using a Flash navigation system or similar design elements can make your site attractive, but search engines are generally unable to scan content in this form. The easier it is for search engines to crawl and index your pages, the better chance your website has of climbing the search results.

4. Focus on Your Readers

Because SEO is based so heavily on keywords, it can be tempting to load your content with them. However, an overabundance of keywords can make writing seem stilted and mechanical. While it may attract visitors to the site, this type of content can discourage readers who are looking for more original and informative writing.

Try to weave keywords into your content naturally so that your readers does not notice. Excellent SEO copywriting requires good keyword integration, but you always have to keep your long term goal in mind.

5. Optimize Anchor Text and Headings

SEO friendly content should feature keywords in both anchor text and headings. Not only will your readers use the headings to scan the article and find the information they want, but the headings will also contribute to how well your page is indexed by search engines.

Try to work your SEO keywords naturally into all your headings and subheadings if possible. Likewise, be sure to include keywords in anchor text, title tags and alt text for images.

6. Provide High Quality Content

One of the best ways to make your page SEO friendly is to simply ensure that you provide good content. Well-written content will attract more users, helping your site climb in rank. If people are pleased with your content, they may link to it from places around the web. Most search engines take these links into consideration when calculating your website's rank, so providing readers with quality content is a must.

One easy way to do this is hiring a professional writing service. This ensures that your content is professional, well-written and valuable to your readers. Again, SEO optimization is useless without content that appeals to your visitors.

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Posted on 7th June, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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