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8.5% of All Search Clicks Go to Facebook


Nearly 8.5% of all search engine click results bring users to Facebook, according to the 2013 Digital Marketing Report prepared by Experian Marketing Services. In fact, a whopping 20% of all search clicks go to just five different websites, including YouTube, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Facebook, if the report is to be believed.

Editorializing their results, Experian Marketing Services says that web sites will need to work harder than ever before to gain traction in organic search results, especially in terms of knowing their audience and how they use search engines.

75% of Search Clicks Go to Just 1,000 Websites

Unless you're a major, branded site, the reality is that there just aren't too many free search clicks to go around, at least in terms of percentages. In the fourth quarter of 2012, the top 500 sites ate up about half of all clicks on search engine results. When you expand to the top 1,000 sites, you see 75% of all search clicks accounted for.

At the top of the heap, Facebook has quite a margin even over YouTube:

  • Facebook - 8.48%
  • YouTube - 5.55%
  • Yahoo! - 2.63%
  • Wikipedia - 2.01%
  • Amazon - 1.40%

Different Figures for Paid Search

Things are a little less monopolized when you look at paid search results as opposed to organic ones, with 16% of all paid search clicks going to 10 websites instead of 20% for just 5. Facebook is nowhere to be found in the top 5, which is led by Amazon:

  • Amazon - 4.19%
  • eBay - 3.46%
  • eHow - 2.44%
  • BestBuy - 1.06%
  • Yahoo! Shopping - 0.85%

What's your site's plan for 2013 to get a piece of all these search clicks?

Ryan Lundin

Posted on 26th February, 2013 by Ryan Lundin

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