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AdWords Earn Google $121 Million Every Day

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A recent study published by WordStream determined that as of the third quarter of 2012, AdWords earn Google, on average, over $100 million every single day .

The revenue comes from 5.5 billion daily ad impressions through search, as well as 25.6 billion daily ad impressions through the Google Display Network. In total, Google earned $10.86 billion in Q3 from ad revenue alone for an actual daily income of $121 million, meaning that WordStream low-balled their estimate. The study also revealed a number of interesting statistics as well.

More Click Thrus for Shopping, Highest CPC for Finance

Overall, the study found that cost per click figures have declined for Google recently. However, impressions and clicks are both way up, which has led to 5% more revenue than in Q2, 2012 and 16% more revenue so far in 2012 than at this time in 2011.

WordStream decided to rank the top 10 industries that spent the most money on Google advertising in the third quarter. Finance ranked #1, with State Farm, Geico, Quicken Loans, Capital One and Bank of America being the top five spenders. Finance also had the highest cost per click at $3.09, and the most conversions per day at 1.39 million completed sales, with both figures representing search and not the Display Network.

Travel came second in spending, though it also suffered from the lowest search conversion rate at 1.45%. Not surprisingly, shopping was #3 on the list and also enjoyed the highest click thru rate at 5.23%. Cost per click, however, was very low at just $0.25. Amazon.com was the biggest advertising spender from the shopping industry, less surprising than the fact that JCPenney spent more than Walmart.

Biggest Google Ad Spender Overall?

Fourth on the list was jobs and education, with University of Phoenix being not only the biggest advertising spender from this industry, but the biggest spender on Google, period. The jobs and education sector also had the most ad impressions (660 million) but the lowest click thru rate (1.72%) of any other industry in the top 10.

Internet and telecom came in fifth thanks to the four biggest mobile carriers, and enjoyed the highest conversion rate of any top-10 industry at 6.27%. At #6 was computers and electronics, with Best Buy outspending Apple, HP, Microsoft and NewEgg.

Business and industrial was ranked seventh by WordStream, and was unique in that it experienced similar conversion rates for search and the Display Network. United Yellow Pages was the biggest ad spender, though Staples and Vistaprint weren't far behind. The list was rounded out by home and garden, autos and vehicles and beauty and fitness. Though home and garden ranked 8th, Lowe's and Home Depot were found to be the 10th and 11th biggest Google advertising spenders overall.

I highly recommend you check out the study for yourself and pay special attention to the findings relevant to your site's industry. A larger version of the infographic is available here.

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Posted on 2nd November, 2012 by Ryan Lundin

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