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How to Become a Topic Generating Machine

generating article topics

As the weeks wear on, generating new topics for your website or blog can become a real chore. Some days, creativity seems to be in endless supply, and you're able to come up with more titles and topics than you could possibly handle that week.

On other days, however, you will spend hours trying to come up with a few appropriate topics. In many cases, even after determining a few relevant topics, in relation to the web site that you are writing the content for, you may still determine that the topics that you chose are unworthy of further exploration.

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Quick View Button Coming to Google's Mobile SERPs?

google quick view

If you frequently use a mobile device to access the web, and especially if you sometimes suffer from a slower-than-ideal wireless internet connection, a new feature from Google known as "Quick View" could make your life a whole lot easier.

Although the feature has not been released across all of Google mobile search engine results pages just yet, Search Engine Land reports that the new button is currently being tested within several markets. If you haven't already guessed the purpose of the "Quick View" button from its name, allow us to explain.

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New Instagram Terms of Service Stir Outrage


Photo sharing service Instagram made a lot of loyal users royally unhappy yesterday when they introduced their new terms of service, as reported by GizMag, Business Insider and others. The new terms state that "you hereby grant to Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the Content that you post on or through the Service." In other words, anything you post to Instagram, including images of you, things you own and things you've created, effectively becomes their property to sell to whomever they'd like.

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Yahoo Touts New Ad Format: Cost Per Lead

yahoo cost per lead

Under the fresh direction of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has just announced a brand new advertising unit that should prove interesting to internet marketers while allowing Yahoo to profit off its search business in ways it's simply been unable to with Microsoft.

The new ad format, which Yahoo is calling Cost Per Lead for Search, will appear in-line with organic search results, much like how sponsored search results are featured at the top of the SERPs in Google. One difference between these sponsored ads and Yahoo's new Cost Per Lead ads is user interactivity.

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iPhone 5S Coming in Mid-2013, iPhone 6 Prototypes Circulating?

iPhone 5S

It's only been less than three months since Apple released their new iPhone 5 phone, which has sold over five million units within its opening weekend despite a poor critical reception to one of its most anticipated new features, Apple Maps.

However, the internet is already abuzz with rumors of the successor to the iPhone 5, which analysis suggest could be called the iPhone 5S (keeping in the tradition of the iPhone 4 and 4S). Despite the variation in its title, the 5S could be just as revolutionary to the iPhone product line as the high-resolution, LTE-enabled iPhone 5.

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