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Mike Quayle is a SEO, content writer, and marketer from Seattle, Washington.

How to Become an Affiliate Blogger Success in 7 Steps

affiliate blogger

Of all the ways to monetize your blog - placing advertisements, selling merchandise, offering a premium membership - affiliate marketing is one of the most attractive.

As an affiliate blogger, you will want to develop and thereafter, implement creative techniques and approaches in order to drive traffic from your website to an affiliate company's website. When that traffic makes a purchase at the affiliate's website, or possibly even when they click your affiliate's link, you receive a commission payment. So why is affiliate blogging so appealing?

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How to Become a Topic Generating Machine

generating article topics

As the weeks wear on, generating new topics for your website or blog can become a real chore. Some days, creativity seems to be in endless supply, and you're able to come up with more titles and topics than you could possibly handle that week.

On other days, however, you will spend hours trying to come up with a few appropriate topics. In many cases, even after determining a few relevant topics, in relation to the web site that you are writing the content for, you may still determine that the topics that you chose are unworthy of further exploration.

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Search Market Share Remains Stagnant from June to July

search market share

As reported and published by Search Engine Land, search engine market share among the top five search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL, remained largely stagnant between the months of the June and July.

The recently published comScore data should be of interest to any web site owner or blogger wondering whether to put all their eggs in Google's basket or diversify their SEO efforts across all mainstream search engines. Google remained a force to be reckoned with in July, and there's no indication that that will change anytime soon.

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Many Major Sites to Evade Google's Pirate Penalty

google's pirate penalty

Beginning this week, Google will implement and enforce a new "pirate penalty" against web sites that regularly and knowingly violate a variety of copyright infringement laws.

If your web site happens to be a frequent recipient of copyright violation complaints, you might want to rethink the way you handle content and protected media if you wish to remain indexed in Google's search engine results. A Google Transparency Report lists a variety of web sites that are considered the worst offenders in the search giant's new crackdown on copyright infringement.

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Major Growth for Yelp in Q2 2012


Despite Facebook's ongoing troubles, not all social networks are struggling. Yelp, the popular social restaurant and business review hub, recently announced massive revenue gains for Q2 2012 along with jumps in review content and traffic.

Although the report doesn't give any specific reasons for the growth (Yelp would rather you just believe they're working really hard), it's possible that Yelp's recent integration into Bing local pages could be attracting new customers to the site. Yelp plans to expand on multiple fronts in light of the positive news.

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