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Ryan Lundin is a content curator, manager, editor and writer from Marquette, MI.

Bing Claims Image Search Superiority Over Google

bing image search

An extensive new post on the Bing Search Quality Insights Blogs gives readers a long list of reasons why Bing's image search works better than Google's - at least according to Bing, that is. But is it really better, especially given that so many choose to use Google while ignoring Bing?

While a cursory reading of Bing's list is certainly convincing, at the end of the day all that matters is what you prefer and what delivers results most relevant to your query. But if you haven't tried Bing's image search yet, now might be a good time to give it a shot.

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"Cortana" is Microsoft's Answer to Apple's Siri


Rumors have long circulated that Microsoft would launch a competitor to Apple's Siri voice assistant. After all, Microsoft's line of Windows Phones and other mobile devices such as the Surface tablet compete directly with Apple's iOS devices including the iPad and iPhone, both of which run Siri.

Rumors have now become reality, as Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 users will be getting a new digital friend in the form of "Cortana" starting in April. But how will it compare to Apple's more seasoned service?

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Bing Threatens Keyword Stuffers With Stiff Penalties


If you're desperate to see one of your pages rank highly in search engine results for a certain keyword query, you might be tempted to squeeze that keyword into as many places as you can in the page's content. Doing so could backfire spectacularly, according to a new report from Search Engine Land.

The report indicates that - without any official announcement on their blog - Bing has revised their Webmaster Guidelines, particularly the section warning site owners to avoid keyword stuffing. Adhere to the guideline or your page could plummet in ranking.

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Google Improving OneBox Answers

OneBox answers

Remember Ask Jeeves? If you've been online for a while you probably do, even if you haven't turned your browser to the still-running Ask.com in many years. The central premise was that you'd type a question into the search box, and "Jeeves" would deliver you an actual answer to your question - sometimes - instead of a list of sites that might have the answer to your question.

Although it rarely worked as you hoped, recent improvements Google has made to its OneBox answers are bringing Jeeves' old vision much closer to a consistent reality.

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Google Gains Big in December Search Market Share


A new report published by comScore reveals search engine market share figures for December of 2013, indicating that while Google made the largest percentage gains from the previous month, Bing managed to claim a bigger piece of the search pie than they ever have in the past.

While Google gains big in their overall dominance of the search engine market, largely at the expense of Yahoo, though Ask and AOL showed lower results as well. The figures set the stage for what should be an interesting year for search in 2014.

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