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Bing Ads Receives Massive AI-Fueled Overhaul and Is Reborn as Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising

In a recent blog post, Microsoft discussed the need for a new approach to address today’s evolving online advertising space. Much like Google’s focus on enhancing user experiences through innovation, Microsoft sees the value in helping startups craft genuine connections to consumers that go beyond antiquated marketing messages.

Fueled by a full suite of AI-derived personalization data and profile understanding, Bing is now reborn as Microsoft Advertising. This new platform will work in conjunction with Microsoft’s Audience Network and Sponsored Products to help marketers reach today’s consumers.

Evolving Bing to Meet Demands of the Modern Online Consumer

Despite the need to evolve Bing’s features to better meet modern consumer demands, it is important to note that this search tool enjoyed nearly a decade of success. As Microsoft points out, Bing achieved praiseworthy milestones including:

  • Outreach to over 500 million online consumers
  • 100 consecutive months of share growth
  • Selection as Verizon Media’s go-to search advertising platform

In today’s highly competitive online marketplace though, forging a lasting and meaningful connection to consumers requires creative approaches to SEO and marketing. As Microsoft points out, it is no longer sufficient just to push advertising to a wide audience, but is now essential to engage users one-on-one, at the right time and place, with high-quality content to help build a meaningful experience. After recognizing this paradigm shift, they decided to inject features which will align Bing’s capabilities with the demands of today’s sophisticated consumers. Thus, Microsoft Advertising is born.

Microsoft Advertising Leverages the Power of Intelligence Technology

Moving forward, Microsoft, like other search industry leaders, plans to leverage the power of intelligent technologies to deliver positive, customized user experiences. These technologies include big data analytics, AI-derived intent data, automation tools and much more. Microsoft plans not only to employ these technologies in the newly launched Microsoft Advertising tool, but will also incorporate them to grow the marketing-centric features of the Microsoft Audience Network and Sponsored Products.

While Microsoft points out the plethora of benefits these tools offer, they are quick also to renew their commitment to maintaining trust with users via a wide range of consumer privacy controls. This commitment also extends to maintaining brand safety and data security for both consumers and small businesses which use these products.

Shawn Stalter

Posted on 30th April, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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