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Bots Are Dominating Online Communication


With social media marketing and online marketing in general, you're trying to create communication between the company and the potential customer. Yes, creating direct sales is very useful, but your conversion rates skyrocket if you're able to engage with people who are on the fence. These are people who are interested in your product, but they have questions. They want to read the small print. They're wary consumers who do their research, rather than shopping impulsively, and so the key to getting that conversion lies in interacting with them once they make contact. How can you quickly give them the info they need and sway them to make a purchase?


If your first instinct was that you needed a competent customer support staff, you're not wrong. The thing is, you may not actually need a live person on the other end. Research shows that chatbots actually do a lot of the heavy lifting. A few tasks that they take on automatically include:

  • Helping people shop
  • Answering questions
  • Initiating contact and starting conversations
  • Engaging on social media platforms like Facebook
  • Upselling customers based on what they have bought in the past

Online shopping is the future -- and the present -- and social media plays a huge role in that. Every month, statistics show that businesses and customers exchange over 8 billion messages on Facebook alone. That's an incredible amount of communication, with each message acting as a way to make a sale. Chatbots make this process more efficient, and they allow your company to actively engage potential customers all around the clock.

Abandoned Carts

For instance, one of the most important things that bots do is to reach out to people who come to a site, drop a few items into their cart, and then leave without buying. Clearly, they're interested in the products. What caused them to leave? If they just ran out of time and forgot, a reminder may be all it takes to make a sale. If they didn't want to pay the full cost once they saw it in the cart, the bot may offer them free shipping or a discounted price. Without any human interaction, you can target people who want to buy from you and get them to convert. That's an invaluable service that allows your site to advertise and make sales on its own.

Your Social Media Presence

As noted, these bots often initiate contact through your social media profiles, making them part of your overall social media marketing campaign. At Content Customs, we can help you create the ideal marketing plan to maximize all of your efforts to create valuable communication and make conversions.

Shawn Stalter

Posted on 6th June, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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