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Microsoft Sway Promises Beautiful Content, Still Needs Work

microsoft sway

Last week, Microsoft introduced Sway, a content aggregation program that allows users to develop visually appealing, interactive presentations without requiring any knowledge of web design. Sway makes it possible to easily combine photos, video, audio and text into content that's automatically arranged into a format which the user can then make adjustments to.

The program will be the first new app added to the Microsoft Office Suite in about 10 years, but it may need to define its purpose more clearly before it catches on.

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Introducing Fire Phone, the New Amazon Smartphone

fire phone

In a move that has been rumored about for some time, Amazon has finally thrown its hat into the smartphone ring. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the new device today at a Seattle press conference, and the new phone promises some very innovative features.

As far as basic specs go, the Fire Phone is Android-based with a 4.7-inch high-definition display. It boasts a 13-megapixel camera and a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor. Purchasing the phone will also get you one free year of Amazon's premier membership program, Amazon Prime. People who already have Prime can get their next year free.

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Bing Adds Image Search Filter for Usage Rights

bing images

If you're populating your website or blog with images, it's a good idea to first make sure you're doing so legally. Just because you find an image on the web through a Google, Bing or Yahoo image search doesn't mean that that image is free for you to use.

Many of the images you find through an image search are not protected by copyrights, and actually can be used freely. Up until now, however, there hasn't been an easy way to identify which images are protected and which are free to use. Bing is looking to change that with its new feature, "Search by License."

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eBook Glue Turns Blog RSS Feeds into eBooks

ebook glue

Experienced bloggers and site owners know that the best blogging and publishing tools are often the simplest ones. One of the latest and handiest tools to come to the blogging industry - and this one's so simple even a monkey could use it - is eBook Glue.

eBook Glue allows you to "glue" together all the pages of your blog into a convenient, versatile eBook. The entire process requires nothing more than copying and pasting the URL of your blog, Atom feed or RSS feed. Blog writers should find the online program very useful, especially given how eBooks can reach a wide market.

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New Amazon Kindle Fires will Use Bing by Default

amazon kindle fire

Maybe Jeff Bezos and other executives at Amazon took the "Bing It On" challenge and liked what they saw so much that they decided to switch to a new default search engine platform.

After making Google the official default search engine on the original Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet, which is in the hands of roughly 5 million consumers and has captured 22% of the total tablet market share, Amazon will be turning to Microsoft as the provider of the default search engine on the new set of Kindle Fires slated for release later this fall, according to reputable sources.

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