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The Internet Crashed. What Happened?

internet crashed

Many people think of the internet as something that will always be there. Yes, specific websites may crash or go down from time to time, and it can be frustrating, but the internet as a whole is considered stable. Until Tuesday. That's when a relatively small error led to a major crash taking a huge portion of the internet offline. This has also been fixed -- as evidenced by the fact that you're reading this post -- but it's still important to consider what happened and whether or not such a thing could happen again in the future.

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A 404 Is a Traffic Killer for Most Sites

404 traffic killer

You have a comprehensive site with dozens of landing pages, scores of main pages and category pages, and hundreds of weekly blog posts aimed at increasing traffic and SEO. The vast majority of all of this works flawlessly. The pages load correctly, the links work and traffic flows as it should. But, unknown to you, you also have a single page that generates a 404 error. The page cannot be found. And that page is likely costing you the majority of its traffic.

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Google Quietly Releases Fuchsia Operating System

Google Fuchsia

Google has been working on an operating system called Fuchsia for a few years now. It has been tested on a Pixelbook, for instance, but that was back in 2018 -- now three years ago. The year before that, it ran on an Android phone. Now, in a slightly perplexing move, Google has decided to release it with no fanfare and no headlines. They've barely said a word about it, other than confirming it, but released the system on the Google Home Hub. If you're unfamiliar with that name, don't be alarmed. This is a piece of hardware from 2018, which was renamed the Nest Hub for future iterations. Only the outdated Home Hub can use the new operating system.

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For SEO, How Important Is Your Domain Name?

SEO domain name

Back when people used to consult the phone book when finding new businesses and services, some companies opted for names that would make them more visible. For instance, there are companies with names like "Aardvark Construction." The sole reason for this is that "aardvark" will almost always come first in an alphabetical list of names. If someone flipped to the business directory and started looking at lists of construction companies, that company could count on being first. Something like "Zimmerman Construction" may have made more logical sense, but it also would tend to rank last.

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Why Using the Right Type of SEO Matters

black hat SEO

The right type of SEO is crucial to your success and the success of your site. The internet is not the Wild West that it used to be, where it often seemed like everything and anything could be done to get more traffic. With that traffic now controlled by the largest search engines -- namely, Google -- it's important to follow all of their regulations. Breaking them could get a site deindexed and drastically impact traffic. This may not be permanent, but it can be if the site owner does not fix the issues and get the site indexed again. Even if the issues are eventually rectified, it can cost an enormous amount in exposure, traffic and placement within the search results.

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