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eBook Glue Turns Blog RSS Feeds into eBooks

ebook glue

Experienced bloggers and site owners know that the best blogging and publishing tools are often the simplest ones. One of the latest and handiest tools to come to the blogging industry - and this one's so simple even a monkey could use it - is eBook Glue.

eBook Glue allows you to "glue" together all the pages of your blog into a convenient, versatile eBook. The entire process requires nothing more than copying and pasting the URL of your blog, Atom feed or RSS feed. Blog writers should find the online program very useful, especially given how eBooks can reach a wide market.

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Blog Posts Now On Sale at Content Customs

Content Customs Blog Posts

To celebrate our redesign and relaunch of our website, we're happy to announce a special promotion that we are running this month for our blog posts writing services.

Owning and operating a Blog site is a great way that you can communicate with a large community of similarly minded individuals that share in the same passions as you do. In addition, a blog can be an outstanding addition to any website that is information based.

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Content Customs Power Buyer

Content Customs

At Content Customs our primary goal is to partner with our clients in providing them with high quality professional content that is delivered on schedule and to the exact as-designed specifications - Hence, creating a "Win/Win" situation for both parties.

For a limited time only, from July 1-July31 2010, Content Customs is offering a special for our content power buyers out there. If you purchase more than 100,000 words of content from us, we will award you with a discounted rate of $0.05 per word. That will give you thousands of dollars in savings!

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