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Why Do People Really Share Content?

why share content

It's clear that there is an inherent value in having content that people want to share. This is especially true in social media marketing. Creating content is just one step in the chain. If you can get users to share it for you, they're essentially doing your work for free. Additionally, others will be more likely to read the content if it is shared by someone whom they know and trust. Think of it as a vetting process. There are many people who wouldn't look twice if they saw your company's post, but who would absolutely read it -- and perhaps share it again -- if a friend or a family member posted it.

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How Specific Should Your Keyword Phrases Be?

specific keywords

Generally, when people talk about choosing keywords for a website, what they're really talking about is choosing keyword phrases. With a few exceptions, singular keywords are just too general. They're either not going to be precise enough to get any traction, or they're going to be so over-used that it's impossible to rank for them. For instance, using just the name of the city doesn't go far enough, as people are generally going to search for what they want to find in that city, not just the name itself. Something else like the word "shoes" is going to be saturated and won't really help, even if you do sell shoes.

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Government Using Keyword Warrants to Request Data

keyword warrants

When you run a search on any engine, such as Google, you likely assume that no one else really takes the time to look at it. It's stored in your search history on your device, but you don't think any outside parties are going to look at it or connect it with you specifically. And, in the vast majority of cases, this is certainly true.

However, this data is stored by the search engine. They know who ran the search, what terms were used and things of this nature. Recently, it has come to light that the U.S. government has executed keyword warrants as a way to gather information on potential suspects.

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How Long Is the Ideal Blog Post?

ideal blog length

It has been shown many times that blogging is an excellent way to increase organic traffic and page rank. Blog posts help you generate consistent content, they allow you to add keywords on a regular basis and you can use them to answer questions and address issues that your readers are interested in. But you may wonder exactly how much content you need. If you can answer a question in 100 words, is that enough? Are you better off writing 1,000 words, which may be longer than most of your on-site content? Does it even make a difference at all? Let's dig into it a bit deeper.

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Are There SEO Tactics You Should Avoid?

avoid bad SEO

Like everything, SEO evolves over time. It changes. Some of this is inherent to the practice itself; i.e., people learn more effective ways to do things and update their tactics. Some of it is due to the shifting algorithms. Things that Google used to allow may no longer be allowed, for instance, meaning that using these old tactics can actually harm your ranking. Either way, though, you need to be well aware of this evolution and you need to ensure that you're doing the right things. It's as much about knowing what not to do as it is knowing what you should do. Below, we will look at just a few of the many outdated tactics to stay away from.

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