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Is Facebook Use Declining?

Facebook use

You may have heard rumors that Facebook usage is declining. This is especially common with younger users, who may favor other types of social media. After all, Facebook has been around for going on two decades now, so it is hardly the trendy new site that it once was.

But is usage really declining? If you're planning to run ads on social media, you must know where your audience is. The draw of Facebook, for businesses, is not anything inherent that Facebook itself does. It's just the fact that it has a vast audience and makes it easy to connect with potential customers, run ads aimed at them, answer their questions and drive traffic to your own site. Without that audience, nothing else matters. So what's really going on with Facebook?

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Will Online Shopping Slow Down in the Coming Years?

online shopping

The pandemic closed businesses and kept people home in many parts of the United States last year, and online shopping saw a huge and predictable boom as a result. While many companies floundered, places like Amazon had to hire more drivers and workers to make all of their deliveries on time. While the overall trend of online shopping has always been rising, and it's moved from a novelty to the main way that some people shop, this boom was especially notable. Many companies expanded their websites, focused on online options, updated their SEO and engaged with customers through social media.

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One Statistic That Illustrates the Value of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

One issue with social media marketing is that people often find their return on investment (ROI) harder to measure than they'd like. Sure, if someone clicks through an ad and makes a purchase, you know it works. But what if they click the ad and don't buy anything, only to buy your product in a physical store the next time they're shopping? Your ad still worked and created that sale, but this type of statistic can slip through the cracks. This can make it hard to look at the raw numbers and see if your social media campaign is working.

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The Two Keys of Content Marketing

content marketing

Your goals with content marketing are many. They start with driving more traffic to your site. Beyond that, you also want to make sales or conversions, you want to uphold your brand and you want to answer customers' questions and provide them with the information that they need. All of these things can work together to give you the type of success that you seek.

Unfortunately, many people get started and quickly decide that content marketing just isn't having the impact that they want. They think it's not working. In order to get results, there are two key areas you must focus on. Content marketing only works when they're addressed and considered with every decision you make. They are:

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During Online Ad Boom, Google Sets Financial Records

Google financial records

During the pandemic over the past year-plus, life has shifted. People who previously went to the office began working remotely, doing everything online. People who used to go out for entertainment -- to the movies, for instance -- started finding entertainment online. Though we all already used the internet frequently, the pandemic made this use soar as people simply needed to stay home to slow the spread of the virus. This change had a massive impact on ad revenue. Google was already a successful company and the world leader in search traffic, but the company set brand new sales records over the previous year and in the first quarter this year.

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