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Government Using Keyword Warrants to Request Data

keyword warrants

When you run a search on any engine, such as Google, you likely assume that no one else really takes the time to look at it. It's stored in your search history on your device, but you don't think any outside parties are going to look at it or connect it with you specifically. And, in the vast majority of cases, this is certainly true.

However, this data is stored by the search engine. They know who ran the search, what terms were used and things of this nature. Recently, it has come to light that the U.S. government has executed keyword warrants as a way to gather information on potential suspects.

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Google Searches May Not Be As Specific As You Assume

Google searches

Google searches in 2021 are often framed around questions, phrases and other uses of "natural language" to get a result. In other words, users aren't typing in keyword strings. They're quickly writing out phrases or asking complete sentences as they search for an answer. This has become more common with the rise of voice searches, such as those performed on smartphones or on Alexa-enabled devices. It is far faster for most people to hold down one button on the side of the phone and then simply state their question out loud, which almost always leads to a more natural style of phrasing than typing in a string of keywords.

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Will Online Shopping Slow Down in the Coming Years?

online shopping

The pandemic closed businesses and kept people home in many parts of the United States last year, and online shopping saw a huge and predictable boom as a result. While many companies floundered, places like Amazon had to hire more drivers and workers to make all of their deliveries on time. While the overall trend of online shopping has always been rising, and it's moved from a novelty to the main way that some people shop, this boom was especially notable. Many companies expanded their websites, focused on online options, updated their SEO and engaged with customers through social media.

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Can You Forget About SEO and Still Expect It to Work?

one-time SEO

When people think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they often want to know how to update their site to get more traffic. They assume that it's a quick fix. If they take the right steps and add some new links or keywords in the right places, then their site will be optimized and traffic will increase indefinitely. It's like creating a software patch. Your lack of SEO is the problem and you need to fix that problem. Once you do, you can just forget about it and expect people to keep finding your newly-upgraded site.

But is this actually how it works? Are you going to get the results that you're after if you do this?

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One Statistic That Illustrates the Value of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

One issue with social media marketing is that people often find their return on investment (ROI) harder to measure than they'd like. Sure, if someone clicks through an ad and makes a purchase, you know it works. But what if they click the ad and don't buy anything, only to buy your product in a physical store the next time they're shopping? Your ad still worked and created that sale, but this type of statistic can slip through the cracks. This can make it hard to look at the raw numbers and see if your social media campaign is working.

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