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Mistakes People Make with Their Social Media Accounts

social media mistakes

You started using social media before you even owned a business, as a simple way to keep in touch with your friends. Now that you run your own company, though, it's impossible to deny the potential that it gives you. You can connect with customers and consumers, post ads, use text, images and videos, and find an audience that is already interested in your products -- no matter where you are physically located. It's a tool that business owners from previous generations would have absolutely loved. However, that doesn't make it impossible to fail. You still need to know what steps to take and what mistakes to avoid so that you get the most out of your social media profile.

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Is It Better to Use Email or a Phone Number for Your Contact Information?

Email vs. Phone

You have a stunning website. It showcases your products, it answers some of the questions people have, it includes a call-to-action to create sales and it helps establish your brand’s identity. You’re about ready to launch the site. There’s just one thing left to do: create a contact page. If customers -- or prospective customers -- want to get in touch with you, it needs to be easy for them to do so. Any level of confusion can push them away. But, some forms of communication may be better than others. So, is it better to use email or a phone number on that contact page?

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10-Year-Old Google Case Heads to Supreme Court

Google Oracle lawsuit

Google and Oracle have been at odds for a decade, and it all centers around the use of computer code. When Google created the operating system for its Android line of phones -- one of the most popular phones, along with Apple's iPhone series -- they used part of a coding language called Java. Oracle, which created Java, said that it was a breach of their intellectual property rights, that it was their language, not Google's, and that Google should have obtained a license. Android was not the only system to use the code, but the size of the system made them a target for a lawsuit, and it's now headed to the Supreme Court.

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Only Half of Searches Lead to Clicks

searches vs. clicks

For many online marketing divisions, the click-through rate (CTR) may be the most important measure of success. Getting that search result in front of people is just the first step. Once you get your link onto the first page of the search results -- after all, most users never even get to the second page, much less results that are even further down -- you still need to get people to actually click that link and visit your site. Then the game shifts to trying to increase dwell times and keep them on the site, giving you a chance to make a sale. Your conversion rate is calculated by looking at what percentage of visitors make a purchase.

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Google Rolls out a "Nearby" Filter

Google Nearby filter

Local shopping has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, there has been a spike in online shopping, specifically centered around Amazon. But it has also changed the way people shop locally. Instead of going to stores or restaurants to browse and make purchases, people have started looking for what they want online. They're not looking to buy, necessarily, but just to find out who has the right items in stock. Then they want to find out how to purchase those items in person, often with curbside pickup.

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