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How Much Search Traffic Comes From Mobile?

search traffic mobile

The smartphone changed how we think of computers. In the past, a computer was a dedicated device that did little else and that had to be wired into the network to access the internet. Laptops started to do away with this by making portable devices that could use wireless technology, but it was the phone that really changed the game forever. Suddenly, anyone who wanted one could have a computer in their pocket at all times. It's no wonder that smartphones tend to be expensive. They're essentially just miniature computers, and the phone function is an afterthought for a lot of users.

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Is Your Company Discoverable?

company discoverable

It's clear that marketing is never going to be the same. The internet has changed everything, and that change is here to stay. Rather than clinging to older ideas that may be outdated and may no longer work, companies need to accept this new reality and find out how they can leverage it for greater success. The relationship with each individual consumer is more important than it has ever been, for instance, and consumers have far more power to search out what they want. They do this on social media and through search engines, primarily. Think of it this way: Two decades ago, companies worked to get in front of consumers. Today, consumers come to them.

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Google Wins Case Against Oracle

Google Oracle case

The case between Google and Oracle has centered around Google's use of lines of code that were originally written for Oracle. Google used the code to develop the Android operating system and has argued that it is not a violation of Oracle's copyright because the code, which allows for communication between devices and software, was available for fair use. In other words, Google claimed they were just innovating on top of existing technology, not attempting to make a profit off of anything Oracle created. Oracle, on the other hand, claimed to have the sole right to use that code and said that Google's use of it without permission violated their rights.

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Ten Years From Now, What Will the Internet Be?

Internet future

Throughout human history, technology has changed slowly. If you were able to take a person from 1000 A.D. and put them into 1200 A.D., they'd be fine. They'd recognize everything and feel that the world was similar to the one they'd left. If you took a person from 1821 and put them in 2021, though, it would be chaotic. They wouldn't recognize anything. They'd have no idea what a computer was -- much less a smartphone -- and they'd assume the world was far larger than it really is. Medicine, transportation, communication -- all versions of technology would be staggeringly different.

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Google Makes Stunning Announcement About Targeted Ads

Google targeted ads

Targeted ads are everywhere. Do one Google search for a new guitar, and all you see are guitar ads for the next few weeks. It may not even matter if you bought the guitar. Your browsing history allows Google to create targeted ads specifically for you, based on your searches and interests. If you've accepted that this is how it works and how it will always work, you may be stunned to learn that Google has said it will stop the practice. As has been noted, this is being done even though targeted ads are a core part of the search giant's business model. This move could change online advertising forever.

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