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Instagram Rolls out New Measures to Fight Back Against Growth Hackers

Instagram measures

In today’s increasingly crowded online marketplace, many startups struggle to find effective tactics to grow a robust online presence. Unfortunately, some, out of sheer frustration, turn to growth hacking, or recruiting large numbers of ghost followers from fake profiles to generate an artificially significant online presence.

Instagram recently announced that they plan to target these fake profiles and crack down on SMBs using ghost followers to inflate their online reputation. Like other “black hat” SEO tactics, businesses using these shortcuts often sacrifice long-term growth potential for short-term gains.

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Facebook Uses AI to Uphold Community Standards

Facebook AI

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. For a website that started in a dorm room and targeted college students, its growth over the last decade and a half has been tremendous. Today, that means that an incredible amount of content gets uploaded every day. People add new photos, write new status updates, run ad campaigns, create new groups and much more. While Facebook has strict content quality standards, you may wonder how they can possibly uphold them with this much to worry about and keep track of. Could they ever hire enough employees to keep an eye on everything, or are there other solutions?

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Snapchat’s Agile New Instant Ad Creation Tool Allows SMBs with a Limited Marketing Budget to Reach New Users

Snapchat ad creation

As today’s teens, college students and young adults abandon traditional social media sites such as Facebook, newer, more popular platforms stand ready to benefit. Snapchat, in particular, is an agile, wildly popular social media platform that younger users appear to turn to in record numbers.

Fortunately, reaching out to this rapidly expanding user base just got a lot easier thanks to Snapchat’s recently launched, three-step ad creation tool. This tool may serve as a cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized businesses with limited resources to gain momentum efficiently in a shifting online marketplace.

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Teens Admit They Love Brands, Not Facebook

Teens love brands

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things about online marketing is simply knowing your audience. Where you reach out to them and how you do it depends entirely on whom you are trying to reach. A terrific ad campaign can fall flat if it is improperly targeted. This importance became very clear in a new interview run by CNBC, in which teens talked about how they use -- and don't use -- social media. Perhaps unsurprisingly, teens said that Facebook just isn't on their radar; ironic, given how the company originally catered exclusively to college students. Let's take a moment to break down some of their key points in more detail.

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Facebook Fights Back Against Monopoly Allegations

Facebook monopoly

In the American business world, the government has a fair amount of control in situations that involve monopolies, as they want to keep the free market open to competition. A monopoly would theoretically remove all choice from the consumer, thus allowing companies to raise prices or otherwise take advantage of their customers. If monopolies are illegal, it theoretically helps consumers because they always know they can turn somewhere else. Recently, Facebook and other tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Google have been in the line of fire. Some believe they are too big and fully dominate their respective spaces, making healthy competition impossible.

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