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Customer Satisfaction Down for Search Engines and Social Networks

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A new customer satisfaction survey published by ForeSee Results does not bode well for most of our beloved search engines and the most popular social network sites, according to a new report by Search Engine Land.

Overall customer satisfaction with search engine platforms and social media sites reached its lowest levels in a decade. The survey results concluded that both Google and Bing displayed the largest percentage decrease in customer satisfaction when compared to the results of the other mainstream search engines.

Customer Satisfaction for Search Engines

All major search engines saw their customer satisfaction scores drop over the past year. Below are the current figures, as well as the change from this time in 2012:

  • Google: 77% - down 6.1%
  • Bing: 76% - down 6.2%
  • Yahoo: 76% - down 2.6%
  • MSN: 74% - down 5.1%
  • AOL: 71% - down 4.1%
  • Overall: 76% - down 3.8%

ForeSee said that 22% of search engine users said their least favorite part of the sites was advertisements, leading the company to suppose that either the quantity of ads or their lack of relevancy is what's driving down consumer satisfaction for all search engines.

Customer Satisfaction for Social Media Sites

Customer satisfaction scores for social media and networking sites didn't decline as universally as they did for search engines; in fact, Pinterest made a significant leap, and Twitter and Facebook both gained ground as well. The biggest loser by far was Google+. The numbers looked like this:

  • Wikipedia: 78% - same as 2012
  • Pinterest: 72% - up 4.3%
  • Google+: 71% - down 9.0%
  • YouTube: 71% - down 2.7%
  • Twitter: 65% - up 1.6%
  • Facebook: 62% - up 1.6%
  • LinkedIn: 62% - down 1.6%

Finally - and this should be of major interest if you advertise on social media sites - ForeSee asked respondents to indicate whether they pay attention to advertising on a given site. The following figures represent the percentages of users who said they don't pay attention to advertising on the site:

  • Wikipedia: 69%
  • LinkedIn: 66%
  • Twitter: 61%
  • Pinterest: 61%
  • YouTube: 59%
  • Facebook: 56%
  • Google+: 46%
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Posted on 23rd July, 2013 by Ryan Lundin

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