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As our staff of content writers continues to grow, we are constantly looking for new ways to reward our staff for their hard work and dedication to the art of Internet content creation.

One of the ways that we recently discovered was something that I decided to share with my readers in the hopes that they would decide to do something similar for their staff of content writers - set up a revenue sharing system for their writers, regardless of whether they are regular staff (like our writers) or freelance contract writers (like many other content companies on the Internet).

Web Site Development

We have decided to open up revenue sharing options for our writers that allows them to own and operate their personal web site and begin making money every month for the work that they put into it. Every writer has the opportunity to come up with their own idea for a web site and agree to handle the content.

From there, we secure their domain name, set up the web design and affiliate relationships and manage upkeep. This way, writers can begin making money over time that depends on the amount of work that they put into a web site and can even begin setting themselves up to plan for a time when they may not have to write anymore.

Not only does this system help the writer financially, it also helps us as a company for several reasons:

  1. The writer begins to learn the importance of content relationships on a web site as a whole rather than page by page. They learn the intricacies and challenges associated with developing web site content from not only the writer's end, but also the owner's end. This helps them further assist or customers.
  2. We take a small percentage from their affiliate checks every month to help cover costs associated with maintaining the site, editing it, and securing and performing upkeep on affiliate relationships. While the writer, of course, is given the vast majority of the revenue that the web site earns, we still have to perform a great deal of work in development and research.
  3. Building a web site gives the writer purpose and motivation. Let's be honest. Ghost writing can be hard work. Each writer learns to treat each piece of content as if they were buying it themselves. However, continually drafting excellent copy that you may never see again can be very draining. In this way, we give them an outlet and a name to express their writing talents.

If you have a team of writers, consider offering them the same relationship. You can ask that they draft a great deal of the content before you launch the site to make sure that they are serious but once you make them an offer, be true to your word.

If you ask that they write for free and they do so, you must be willing to take the time to give them a well designed and properly set up web site. After all, once you set up the site and perform basic maintenance checks every month, you might find yourself making a profit over a few years time.

Mike Quayle

Posted on 10th February, 2010 by Mike Quayle

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