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Easily Highlight and Customize Recent Positive Reviews in Google My Business

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Earning a positive, four- or five-star, review from customers is not easy in today’s highly competitive business environment. However, startups that crack the code on earning superior customer satisfaction ratings may soon be in a unique position to highlight these positive user reviews in new ways to help attract clients.

Google recently announced the debut of a new feature for the My Business tool which allows businesses to easily share and customize positive customer testimonials. This function could offer yet another lucrative opportunity for SMBs to stand out from competitors and access new growth potential.

The Increasing Importance of Customer Reviews

As more small to mid-sized businesses craft an online sales presence, the digital marketplace becomes an increasingly saturated advertising space. Standing out from competitors, and garnering top search engine results in this environment, not only requires optimized website development strategies focused on hosting high-quality content, it also demands businesses place renewed emphasis on generating high customer satisfaction rates in the form of positive online reviews.

Positive, four- or five-star, reviews now rank among some of the most trusted elements potential customers turn to when searching for local businesses offering the products and service they desire. This feedback they provide also plays a critical role in marketing campaigns focused on crafting positive reputations online via social media. Conversely, negative user reviews can quickly snowball into lost revenue for SMBs if not addressed or resolved promptly.

Tailoring and Sharing Positive Reviews via Google My Business

Google’s recent announcement makes earning positive consumer reviews even more important than ever. Soon, the Google My Business (GMB) tool will allow businesses to quickly share and customize four- or five-star, positive user reviews. As customers leave these stellar reviews, GMB will offer suggestions to post them directly in the tool or help tailor them to push out via email marketing campaigns. Best of all, these reviews can be easily customized in GMB to incorporate a wide range of additional features including:

  • Links to your products or services
  • Appealing calls to action
  • Related product images and videos, and more

Businesses can use this tool as a quick and easy way to get the word out about new products and services and attract attention from prospective consumers looking for highly rated local businesses.

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Posted on 23rd April, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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