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eBook Glue Turns Blog RSS Feeds into eBooks

ebook glue

Experienced bloggers and site owners know that the best blogging and publishing tools are often the simplest ones. One of the latest and handiest tools to come to the blogging industry - and this one's so simple even a monkey could use it - is eBook Glue.

eBook Glue allows you to "glue" together all the pages of your blog into a convenient, versatile eBook. The entire process requires nothing more than copying and pasting the URL of your blog, Atom feed or RSS feed. Blog writers should find the online program very useful, especially given how eBooks can reach a wide market.

A Simple Process Leads to a Versatile Product

The beauty of eBook glue is that unlike many complex blogging and SEO tools, this one won't give you a headache. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your existing blog (or RSS or Atom feed) into eBook Glue, click "Share eBook," and the program will automatically spit out an eBook as a single document. You can choose whether you'd like your eBook as an ePub or .mobi file, or both if you'd prefer to reach the widest set of reading devices possible.

Speaking of reading devices, one of the big advantages here is that once your blog is archived as a .mobi or ePub file, it can be stored and read on any number of electronic reading devices, such as the Kindle, Nook and other less popular devices. This allows people who frequently use eReaders, but who may not frequent the blogosphere, to access and enjoy your content. This is especially useful if your niche targets older generations, who tend to use eReaders often. Of course, the eBooks you create can be posted on the web, too.

Other Uses for eBook Glue

eBook Glue might also be useful to bloggers who simply want to archive all of their existing work, even if they don't necessarily want to release it as an eBook. This could be especially useful for blogs that accumulate tons of content from different sources and guest writers, and those that frequently deal with information that expires in terms of end-user value but still must be saved for record keeping purposes.

eBook Glue does have its limitations in that only a few hundred posts can be "glued" into an eBook at one time, but most users won't be interested in making an eBook much longer than this anyways. It also sparks the idea of creating separate eBooks for different blog categories in order to funnel your site's posts into the proper hands without exceeding publishing limitations.

Ryan Lundin

Posted on 7th January, 2013 by Ryan Lundin

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