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Enhance Your Google Ads Experience by Focusing on Your Optimization Score and Recommendations

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Google’s recent release of a series of best practices targeted toward optimizing the Google Ads experience is an essential step for any SMB hoping to stay ahead of the competition. Google delivers this powerful optimization data via an easily interpreted score which allows startups to view, sort and apply recommendations to boost performance. These best practices and suggestions range from a full suite of advanced account management features to targeted enhancements tailored to your business’s particular goals. They also include customized recommendations based on your preferences.

Three Best Practices to Boost Your Google Ads’ Optimization Score

Staying ahead of the power curve in today’s increasingly competitive online marketing arena calls for dedication to continual process improvement. From overarching marketing strategies to content development and more, it pays to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest developments and be willing to alter techniques to help your business grow.

Google’s recent release of a series of best practices targeted toward Google Ads users can help ensure marketing campaigns reach full potential. These best practices use an optimization score, ranging from 0-100 percent, with 100 percent indicating full optimization, to reveal the effectiveness of your current ad campaigns. Based on this score, startups can employ a wide range of recommended actions to help boost performance. Google breaks down these actions into three categories including:

1. Account management features

This area delivers features which help users find actions with the most significant overall impact to boosting the performance of a Google Ads account. The system generates an initial optimization score and recommendations based on your ads’:

  • Historical performance
  • Simulations
  • Machine learning

2. Enhancements which support your business’s goals

Google routinely updates recommended actions which align with your business’s goals. Use these suggestions to quickly boost your optimization score and easily dismiss all actions which do not align with your current strategies.

3. Fully tailored recommendations suited to your SMB’s unique needs

Google Ads recommendations also help unlock specific enhancements explicitly targeted to your business’s unique needs. Filter recommendations and focus your efforts into enhancement categories including:

  • Advertisements and extensions
  • Repairs
  • Keywords and targeting
  • Bids and budgets
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Posted on 5th February, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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