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Facebook Graph Search is Now Live

facebook graph search

If you're an English-language Facebook user in the United States, you should see a new feature appear the next time you log in, if you haven't already. According to the Facebook Newsroom, Graph Search - which has been in beta status for the past six months or so - is now being rolled out to all U.S. users.

The Facebook Graph Search isn't a search engine designed to compete with Google, Yahoo and Bing, but rather a specialized search tool that allows you to search through all activities and content that other people on Facebook have shared with you.

What's New Since Initial Beta?

All of the time that Graph Search spent in beta has apparently paid off handsomely, because the search tool is far more robust and useful now than it was back at the start of the beta period. Suggested searches and results are now displayed much faster than before, and the system is better at understanding exactly what you're searching for depending on how you enter your query.

Graph Search has also gotten a lot better about showing more relevant results ahead of less relevant ones, and the whole interface is slicker and more integrated into the Facebook home page without being obtrusive or detracting from the overall experience.

Unfortunately, one of the features you're likely expecting from Graph Search - the ability to search through comments and posts issued by your friends, but not necessarily shared directly to you - is still under development and not available to the public just yet. However, Facebook is already working on that functionality behind the scenes, along with the ability to use Graph Search on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

If you haven't logged into your Facebook account over the past couple of days, try doing so now; if you see a Tip pop up near the top of your screen explaining Graph Search, you'll know the feature is live on your account. If you've had a chance to play around with Graph Search already, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Posted on 9th July, 2013 by Ryan Lundin

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