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Facebook Rolls Out Creative Advertisement Overlays Just in Time for the Upcoming Holiday Shopping Season

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Preparing to capture consumer interest during the upcoming holiday spending spree requires meticulous planning, focus on trends and, above all, a razor-sharp marketing campaign strategy. With under 75 days left until the kickoff of Black Friday, businesses should be in the final phases of tweaking sales strategies. However, for marketing and advertisement teams behind the holiday shopping season power curve, Facebook’s announcement of enhanced ad overlays to help highlight products may offer a breath of fresh air. Armed with these dynamic and visually appealing overlays, your business may be able to boost holiday sales.

Customized Ads Hone Your Business’s Holiday Sales Strategy

With the massive popularity and convenience of online shopping, getting ahead of the game and crafting visually stunning advertisements is key to capturing consumer attention. Facebook recognizes the power of visual marketing and seeks to help businesses harness this potential to boost sales this holiday season. These newly debuted dynamic advertisement overlays may help your small to medium-sized business by:

  • Making your products stand out from the competition
  • Featuring your special deals or sales events
  • Inspiring conversions
  • Highlighting your products in innovative ways

How Does It Work?

Those familiar with marketing via Facebook may remember the addition of overlays for ads which debuted last holiday season and allowed businesses to place price or discount banners to help highlight products easily. This recent expansion takes the overlay feature to the next level with customizable advertisement templates which can target specific aspects of the holiday season. These templates include Black Friday-specific banners, holiday-related borders and a host of other tailorable, visually appealing banners which can be used in non-seasonal campaigns as well.

According to Facebook’s announcement about this new feature, “Two major retailers that tested the new decorative borders increased their return on ad spend by 40% each.”

Facebook Also Offers Enhanced Templates for Video Creation Kit

Facebook also incorporated holiday-specific stickers and templates into the mobile-friendly video creation kit. This helps businesses without large-scale production resources to quickly craft sleek, high-quality ads to highlight products and services.

Only One Piece of the Dynamic Holiday Marketing Puzzle

While this exciting news has potential to energize holiday sales campaigns, it is just one piece of a holistic marketing strategy puzzle which should incorporate additional features such as:

With under 75 days remaining until holiday shopping leaps into full swing, it is essential to hone your marketing strategy today to facilitate a smooth and successful season.

Shawn Stalter

Posted on 13th September, 2018 by Shawn Stalter

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