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Facebook Uses AI to Uphold Community Standards

Facebook AI

Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. For a website that started in a dorm room and targeted college students, its growth over the last decade and a half has been tremendous. Today, that means that an incredible amount of content gets uploaded every day. People add new photos, write new status updates, run ad campaigns, create new groups and much more. While Facebook has strict content quality standards, you may wonder how they can possibly uphold them with this much to worry about and keep track of. Could they ever hire enough employees to keep an eye on everything, or are there other solutions?

Artificial Intelligence

The key in many situations, it turns out, is the use of AI to scan this new content quickly and look for red flags. For instance, when people create new groups, the AI will evaluate them and may shut them down immediately, before any users have even had a chance to interact with the group or join it. The stress on policing groups is tremendous at Facebook, as it's a feature they're trying to push lately and clearly represents what they think will be the future of Facebook itself.

For these new groups that may not even have members yet, the limited amount of content plays in Facebook's favor. They may not have to scan that much to determine if the group breaks their guidelines. "One big factor we look at is subject matter," Facebook noted in a statement. "Does the name or description of the group include hate speech or other content that we don’t allow?"

Other things they examine closely include the actions of the moderators and administrators, if and when they break the group's rules, if other members break rules and it gets approved by the mods, and things of this nature. Once a group develops and gains traction, it still has to adhere to these guidelines.

Utilizing Groups

If Facebook Groups really are the future of the platform, it's going to become very important to know how to use them for your business. You can connect with fans, potential customers, repeat customers, related businesses and much more. Any time you do so, it is critical to provide quality content and information that gives the users something valuable and that does not accidentally violate Facebook's community standards.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 15th August, 2019 by Jonathan Schlosser

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