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Facebook’s New AI-Fueled Ads Deliver Targeted Experiences for Individual Users

Facebook AI Ads

Today, advanced machine learning helps businesses of all shapes and sizes improve how they reach and interact with customers. By examining users’ online behavior, preferences and other data, these tools help marketing teams tailor ad campaigns for maximum effect. Facebook recently debuted a new feature which capitalizes on this unique capability.

Backed by AI, their new dynamic update allows businesses to automatically tailor ad experiences to reach individual users best. By delivering customized ads, Facebook aims to not only promote healthy business outcomes, but also to deliver better user experiences.

How Does Facebook’s New Dynamic Ad Tool Work?

According to Facebook’s recent announcement, the new AI-powered dynamic ad tool operates by examining user intent. It leverages machine learning to derive meaning from data and signals about a user’s online activity. These “intent signals” are then used to unlock important information that helps marketers deliver tailored ad experiences for consumers. In other words, dynamic ads allow a business to provide a completely personalized version of an advertisement to each user.

Dynamic Ad Benefits for Businesses

With the capability to automatically tailor ad formats to individual users, businesses can deliver content which is most likely to garner a response. This tool could help businesses more effectively reach potential leads and boost conversions. In fact, in a recent study, Facebook unearthed some eye-opening results concerning the effectiveness of this practice. The study, which examined data from 12 eCommerce and retail advertisers, found that utilizing dynamic ads led to benefits including:

  • 34% improvement in return on investment
  • 10% increase in sales
  • 6% lower cost per conversion

Optimize Text Features to Reach Specific Users

In addition to the dynamic ad capabilities discussed above, Facebook plans to roll out two additional tools that could benefit marketers. The first, a multiple text optimization feature allows advertisers to select multiple text options for headlines, descriptions and paragraphs. Facebook would then automatically deliver the optimal text variation, which lines up with a specific user’s preferences. These preferences, much like the dynamic ad formats, are derived from advanced machine learning.

Easily Reach an International Audience with Auto-Translation Tools

Beyond text optimization, Facebook’s tailored ad update will deliver an auto-translation feature. This “add languages” function should provide a fast, reliable and efficient translation of high-quality written content. Businesses can use this tool to appeal to non-English speaking customers in their local area or to reach out to an international audience.

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Posted on 21st November, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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