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Finding New and Interesting Subjects for Your Blog

subjects for you blog

When you write blogs on a consistent basis, it can be easy to run out of subjects for your blog to discuss. However, as most professional bloggers know, posting to your blog on a daily or weekly basis is extremely important for improving your search engine results, retaining your current reader base, and growing your reader base.

It's not difficult to reach a point where you may feel you have exhausted your topic. However, writer's block can occur simply from writing about the same things for so long. Here are some ways to spur new inspiration and find new subjects to write about.

Social Networking Websites

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are monstrous platforms for people to blurt out their feelings and opinions about everything and anything. Trends are birthed and die on these networks. Social Networks provide a great source for learning what people are thinking about, talking about, upset about, happy about, or wondering about at any moment. Try watching one or more sites for a few days and you're certain to find something to explore in your writing.

National and International News

News from areas around the globe is updated within minutes on the Internet. In this day and age, it never closes up shop. Scanning over news websites or news stations on television, even briefly, will give you a solid idea of what's going on in your community, your country, or anywhere else. If you write mainly about one topic, news websites will let you search world news for any specific subject. So, if you blog about sewing, for example, search for the cutting edge sewing technologies emerging from the far corners of the earth.


People like to read about personal experiences and writers seem to like writing about them. Dig into your own experiences with your topic and develop a subject. If you've had an odd happenstance or lucky (or not so lucky) experience that led you to the topic (or away from it), write about it. Exploring all of the facets of your subject matter can and, perhaps, should include your own personal stake in it as well.

Look Outside the Box

Variety fuels creativity. When you write about one topic most of the time, you're going to run into a wall eventually. Refresh your perspective by looking elsewhere. Read books that are entirely unrelated. Research something else that interests you. Write about another topic, even if only for yourself. Take up a new pastime. Find an avenue for volunteering in your community. Learn a new craft. Take a class or teach yourself how to do something you have always wanted to try.

The best way to maintain interest and inspiration for something in particular is to learn about and do other things that are particularly different. Explore your own interest and don't deny yourself experiences. Your writing is heavily influenced by your window to the world. Expanding your frame of reference can only help you.

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Posted on 15th February, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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