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Google Pixel 4 Phone Leaks Keep Coming

Pixel 4 leaks

It's almost like Google does not care about leaks when it comes to their phones. There were a ton of them for the Google Pixel 3. There may be even more for the upcoming Pixel 4. Is this all part of the marketing plan? People have asked why the company does not keep a tighter grip on secrecy, but maybe the tech giant wants the information to get out early. They want to generate that online buzz. On the other hand, maybe they're too focused on the products and they do not care about devoting time or energy to stopping these leaks. Whatever the case, let's break down some of the things we know about this new phone.

Two-Tone Color Is Over

Previous versions of the phone have used a two-tone color design, but not the Pixel 4. Instead, it will be one color, which Google itself showed off in black. This gives it a sleek modern look -- even though many people will put it into a case, anyway.

It May Not Have a Fingerprint Scanner

Remember when fingerprint scanners were the next big thing? That did not last long. The iPhone already moved away from it. The pictures of the Pixel 4 do not confirm that it won't have one, but they also don't show one. It was obvious in previous versions. There's a good chance that Google is also done with fingerprint tech.

The Camera "Bump" Is Small

In changing the camera, Google appears to have crammed everything into a small square at the top of the device. It, alone, is a different color than the back of the device. If you're worried about it sticking out too far and getting in the way, don't be. Side photos show that it is barely raised and should not be an issue at all -- especially, as noted above, if you're putting it into a case.

It Comes in Two Sizes

People use their phones differently, and Google knows that. For those who want a relatively small phone that is easily portable, there is the standard Pixel 4. For those who want a large screen for web searches and streaming videos, there is the larger Pixel 4 XL. Most of the leaks have surrounded the XL, which leaves some mystery about the standard phone.

You May Have Many Color Choices

The total amount of color options is still unclear, but there are pictures of black, orange and white. Those three appear likely, with black and orange all but set in stone. There have also been rumors about other colors, including a mint green. It's hard to eliminate anything with leaks alone, since something not being leaked does not mean it won't exist.

The Screen and the Battery

When looking at the technology specifications, not much is solid at this point. Though experts think they know quite a bit, they can't say for sure. Two examples are the screen refresh rate and the battery life. Some leaks indicate that the phone may boast a 90Hz variable refresh rate. That could make it very smooth indeed. However, it may also drain the battery faster. As such, the phone appears to have a "Smooth Display" setting so that you can turn it on and off, depending on your needs.

Your Marketing Tactics

Increasingly, users turn to their phones for online searches. Many of them are voice searches. It's important not only to know about the devices they'll be using, but to carefully consider what type of online content you need to draw those people in, answering their questions and providing the valuable resources that they're after. At Content Customs, we can help you set up the perfect marketing plan and create premium content for all users -- whether they're using a Google Pixel 4, an iPhone, a computer or any other device.

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Posted on 19th September, 2019 by Jonathan Schlosser

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