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Google Seeks Future Expansions of AI-Fueled Innovation to Take Users on "Search Journeys"

Google search journeys

Although it is hard to believe, Google is now celebrating 20 consecutive years of helping organize and make information accessible for users in an ever-expanding global network. In a recent press event, Google’s VP of Product and Design for Search and Assistant, Nick Fox, laid out a few principle tenets of upcoming initiatives focused on expansion for the next 20 years to help make information even more widely accessible and useful for netizens. Google plans to fuel these groundbreaking changes with AI-driven neural network matching to fundamentally alter the foundations of the search engine landscape.

Major Shifts on the Horizon for Google’s Search Engine

Google’s recent announcement summarizing these changes comes on the heels of the company’s 20th anniversary celebrating a look back at two decades of leading a radical transformation in the way we find and utilize information. Looking forward to the next two decades, Google plans to maintain the current recipe for success which includes user-focused, high-quality and algorithmic search approaches. Moving ahead, they plan to take users on a journey of discovery which transcends the boundaries of the traditional question and answer-based search queries. This new search journey includes a three-pronged approach, incorporating:

Dynamic changes to users’ searches: Google seeks to go beyond a simple "query" to leap into an intuitive environment which gauges users' interests and then brings relevant information to the surface.

Image-based queries: The next evolution of mobile optimization now calls for optimized search queries which help users switch from text-based searches to image-intensive and creative ways to seek information. The underlying goal of this transition is to help netizens locate actionable information more rapidly and reliably.

Pick your search up where you left off: Moving beyond simple keyword searches to full-scale journeys requires an intuitive function that helps you seek information related to your recent searches and allows you to pick up your search journey where you last left off.

Artificial Intelligence Forms the Basis for Google’s Search Advancements

Another exciting aspect of Google’s announcement focuses on employing artificial intelligence to transform the process of searching for strings of words to searching for underlying concepts. Through advanced neural network matching, Google hopes to get the deeper meaning of phrases, across over a hundred unique languages, to make predictive searching much more reliable and valid.

Additionally, Google points out wide-reaching applicability of future predictive data fueled by artificial intelligence, such as forecasting the location of a flood zone in a severe storm to helping an individual quickly locate suitable job opportunities. Indeed, with artificial intelligence advancements, the only limitation may be the human imagination itself.

Building Exciting New Paths to Locate and Utilize Data

This announcement, coupled with recent exciting news concerning the incorporation of big data sets from government, academia and the scientific communities, has potential to shift the foundations of how we understand, interact with, and, ultimately, locate data.

Google’s innovation and drive to transform the digital landscape and radically enhance users' experiences may present challenges to marketing and advertising efforts. Small to medium-sized businesses hoping to ride the wave of advancement must now start thinking beyond what works today and, instead, maintain abreast of new developments in social media marketing techniques and conceptual changes in keyword research services to stay ahead of the competition and effectively target new leads.

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Posted on 25th September, 2018 by Shawn Stalter

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