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Google's Cutts Reveals 5 Most Common SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes

After explaining why new pages drop in ranking over time and warning site owners about the dangers of purchasing a spammy domain, Google web spam chief Matt Cutts is back with a new informative video. This time, Cutts is talking about the top 5 mistakes site owners make with their SEO.

While these mistakes are not the most damaging mistakes you could make, they are the most common, according to Cutts. While the video may be geared towards the more inexperienced, many veteran site owners could use this refresher course as well.

The 5 Most Common SEO Blunders, According to Matt Cutts

Cutts starts by saying that the most common SEO mistake is not having a website at all - but that should be pretty obvious to anyone reading this page. From here he gets a little more specific:

1. Not having a website that's easily crawlable. Cutts explains this one with a great example - if you own a restaurant, don't just put up the PDF version of your menu. Put a plain text version of the menu on your site as well so that search engines can easily crawl it.

2. Not using the best word choices on the page. This one is about predicting what your customers will search for. For example, people are more likely to search for a phrase like "How heavy is a Ford Mustang?" than "Ford Mustang weight." Of course, if you're clever, you'd include both these phrases on the page.

3. Focusing too much on link building. Cutts says this is too limiting and focuses too much on an abstract goal as opposed to how to reach that goal. Instead, he says it's better to focus on "compelling content and marketing." This way, your focus is broadened beyond just marketing to search engines - which Google wants to see anyhow when they're deciding your ranking.

4. Forgetting to hone the title and description of a page. You just created a page of great content, but now you need to help people actually find it. Writing a descriptive, keyword-rich title is the most time-effective way to do this, but don't forget about the description either. This should be designed to draw the reader in and compel her to click the link when she sees it in the SERPs. Think about how a news anchor compels the viewer to "tune it at 11" for more details about what they just referenced in the advertisement.

5. Forgetting to take advantage of Google's webmaster resources. Yes, it's a shameless plug, but it's true. Google offers a wealth of free tools and tips that you can browse through at your leisure. If you're brand new to site ownership, some of the topics may be over your head, but there's tons of useful information for total beginners as well. For even more information about these common SEO mistakes, watch Cutts' full video below:

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Posted on 30th April, 2013 by Ryan Lundin

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