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Google’s Updated Mobile My Business App Helps Local Businesses Boost Marketing Opportunities

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Google’s recent announcement discussing the next round of updates for the My Business app presents some exciting news for local startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Packed with exciting features, this update has far-reaching implications for today’s mobile entrepreneurs. Interacting directly with your customers in this flexible, mobile environment allows you to maintain the dynamic and responsive online presence you need in today’s tech-driven digital marketplace. This free app is a must-have for any small business owner looking for a rapid and flexible way to stay connected and growing 24/7.

What Is Google’s My Business App?

Google’s My Business app is a tool for both iOS and Android which allows your SMB or startup to connect with new local customers and manage critical aspects of your business’s profile. Specifically, it helps ensure your business’s online presence remains as accurate and dynamic as possible through updates you initiate via the app’s business profile feature. Use this feature to edit important information about your business such as your address, hours and phone number to help ensure customers can quickly locate your products and services in online searches and maps.

Rapidly Manage Your Business’s Profile On-the-Go

The updated and improved free Google My Business app adds a wide range of new features designed for SMBs seeking a quick and easy way to manage business profiles on-the-go to become more discoverable. Specifically, with this new update, your startup can rapidly:

  • Upload relevant photos
  • Schedule and manage a new event for your business
  • Create a special offer
  • Manage your business’s key profile features and more

Easily Quantify Your Success Through Analytics

In addition to quickly updating key features of your business’s profile, the newly updated Google My Business app also unlocks exciting analytic functions. From your business profile’s home screen, you can see precisely how many customers locate and connect with you over a given time frame. Armed with these numbers, you will have near real-time data to help assess the effectiveness of your startup’s marketing strategies, newly hosted online content, social media presence and more.

Connect with Customers and Help Your Business Grow

Beyond profile management and analytic functions, Google My Business unleashes an additional exciting avenue for SMBs hoping to boost interaction with new or existing customers. Simply access the Customer tab from the app to connect directly with potential leads or long-standing customers who have:

  • Messaged your SMB
  • Demonstrated interest or loyalty by following your business
  • Booked a service
  • Written a review and more

Best of all, the app provides 24/7 notification of each customer connection with your business to keep you updated around the clock.

Unlock Exciting New Growth Opportunities

Ultimately, this updated tool may help your startup thrive by crafting a dynamic and mobile space to attract and engage with local customers. In fact, according to Google’s recent announcement, over 9 billion connections occur each month between users and local businesses. As the holiday shopping season approaches, these numbers will likely swell significantly. Unlock your SMB’s full potential with this exciting new update and help capitalize on these lucrative growth opportunities.

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Posted on 20th November, 2018 by Shawn Stalter

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