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How Many People Contact Companies on Social Media?

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Social media absolutely gives you marketing opportunities and unique chances to get your products and services in front of your potential customers. You can show products to people who have already bought them in the past, making repeat sales, and you can branch out into new areas by marketing to those who have shown an interest in related products, services, interests, hobbies and much more. Many companies use social media to make these connections in the same way that they used to use mail catalogues or email messages. They often feel that people are more receptive to social media promotions and will actively click on them to investigate products that catch their eye at that moment.

All that being said, it's important to remember that social media goes farther than that. What it really gives you is a chance to connect and communicate with customers. For many, it is their first contact point. It links you to them in a brand new way that is changing how people interact with the brands that they love. Let's break down a few of the key statistics.

Massive Usage Rates

First and foremost, the usage rates for social media contact points are astounding. When social media users were asked if they had contacted a company, business or brand via social media, 90% of them said that they had. It's clear that not only are people willing to do this, but they engage in this type of communication all the time. What that tells you is that, without proper social media management, you could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of connections as users actively attempt to seek you out.

Expected Contact Points

In fact, it's gone so far that most users expect companies to have social media platforms that they can communicate with when they have customer service needs. While 90% of people use these channels, a full 63% expect them to be there. They would be surprised and frustrated if they tried to contact the customer service department that way and were unable to do so. You have to realize that social media is no longer looked at as an "extra" or a bonus. You're not giving people something new by using it; you're denying them what they expect if you don't use it.

Positive Experiences

Social media contact points also help to boost your brand and spread awareness via word of mouth. Of those who claim they had positive interactions with a company or brand on social media, most of them (71%) would then go on to recommend that company to friends, family, co-workers and others. Nothing is as strong as a personal recommendation, and social media may actually be the key to getting it.

Addressing the Issues

Here's the problem: Most companies do not use social media nearly as well as they should or even as well as they think they do. When asked if they would classify their customer service through social media as an "exceptional" experience, 80% of companies said they would. Their customers disagreed. A piddling 8% made the same claim. There's a big disconnect here, and it can have a massive impact on your business.

This just shows how important it is to work with social media professionals. Get in touch with us here at Content Customs to learn how we can help you achieve the results you want and need.

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Posted on 1st April, 2020 by Jonathan Schlosser

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