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How to Improve Readability in your Blog

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So you are a blogger? Almost every day you are at that keyboard, plodding away, coming up with your next brilliant idea and carefully crafting your next blog post. Day in and day out, you really commit to your blog - your heart, your soul, and everything that you perceive to be valuable to your readers is in there.

But you may find yourself asking, "Why isn't everybody reading my blog posts? Where are all the comments that individuals are supposed to write about my blog posts? Settle down, I'm here to help. Here are some tips on how to improve the readability of your blog posts.

Tips for Improving Your Blogs Readability

  1. Be clear and brief: Use simple words. Write in layman's terms. The web is all about communication. Your reader wants to hear your voice and be addressed as a friend, not a student. Keep the fancy vocabulary to a minimum. A writer doesn't need a dictionary of words to make his or her work legitimate. An article needs to be concise and comprehensible.

  2. Stay relatable: People relate to blogs that include common knowledge and the human experience. Try an analogy. Compare what you're describing to something the average person has already seen. Write about a similar event that happened in your own life. Explain how you learned what you're writing about. Doing this can really help your reader understand where you're coming from.

  3. Know your audience: Who are you writing for? What do you want them to get out of this? Where will they go next? Write about what you know, but consider who's going to read it. Be aware of the type of people that visit your blog and cater to their interests.

  4. Reinforce an important idea or notion with a series of posts: You could also simply insert your main ideas regularly in any post rather than creating a series. Keep the original motive apparent but don't overdo it. Just hint at the significant stuff again and again as time goes by.

  5. Write a variety of posts: Having diversity in your blog posts keeps your audience interested from the start.

  6. Read other blogs: Most of what I know has come from other people. The Internet was founded on the need for communication and interaction. Write for that need. Also, make sure you comment on others' blogs so they know you've been there.

  7. Link bait: Your content should generate attention by being useful and exciting. Bloggers will link to your blog in their posts if they deem your posts worthwhile. You should also link to other blogs. This keeps the connection open and continuous.

  8. Use tags in your posts: Keep people roaming the web. Learn about SEO and SEM.

  9. Ask questions: A question reveals what you want to know or what you plan to answer. It keeps the audience engaged, and they may try to solve the question as soon as it's asked. They'll want to read more just for the answer. If you leave something unanswered, your readers will be encouraged to respond and leave input.

  10. Every writer strives to be deep and profound: As a blog writer, you should not only be insightful; you should be helpful as well. You should be able to teach your readers - leave them with something they can and will use in their own life.

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Posted on 22nd February, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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