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How to Make Money with Skype


Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard about Internet call provider Skype. Made famous for allowing its users to make free phone calls through the Internet, Skype swiftly changed the communication game by giving its users free and unlimited access to videoconferencing, file transfers and instant messaging. As with virtually all social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, to name only a couple, many creative individuals and small business' have found a way to generate a substantial revenue stream through the use of Skype.

Advertising on Steroids

For self-proclaimed "dot com mogul" John Chow, Skype has been a lucrative tool for his business, The TechZone. Chow was already using Skype for its traditional use of keeping in touch with loved ones, but after being asked to speak for a Skype group, he quickly recognized the marketing potential of the communication service. According to Chow: "Having a group of people willing to syndicate my content and links...drove my blog ranking and reputation up and up and up. So I could text into my Skype party line, 'Hey, guys, here is a new blog post,' and all 350 would read it and then put it on their sites and syndicate it." Still not getting how this leads to money in your pocket? It's pretty simple: By consistently connecting with his audience through Skype, Chow was able to grow his following to "thousands." The followers that attended his Skype speeches would then go on to visit his website in droves. However, increases in traffic wouldn't be the only positive outcome. Chow's followers morphed into a non-stop PR team. They voluntarily promoted his content throughout the day and night on Facebook, bought his products and raised his Google ranking. To Chow, and all others who are willing to harness it, Skype is a perfect tool for nurturing relationships, which invariably leads to solid profit growth.

Customer-Service Solution

As wireless Internet providers make worldwide communication easier and easier, businesses can take advantage of this trend to improve their customer service. Companies can use Skype to answer questions, showcase new products and confront customers' issues through face-to-face interaction. If your customer-service communications are handled effectively, these positive exchanges can create appreciative customers that willingly socialize your products and spread the word about your great customer service. This can help build a loyal fan base of consumers who buy your products and anticipate new releases due to the connection they've made with your brand. To reach an even wider audience (or just for ease), try using Facebook video calling powered by Skype. Here's how to do it:

  • Visit a friend's Facebook profile.
  • Click on the Call button and follow the prompts. (This option may not be available while using certain browsers.)
  • Wait for your video-call session to begin.
  • If there's no answer, you can leave a video message.

Business Uninterrupted

In the past, employees had to perform all of their work in the office. Clearly, those days are long gone. If you are an Internet-based company such as a content creation company or an affiliate network, your employees can work remotely through Skype. Just like with video calling for customer service, employees can conduct "in-person" conference calls with colleagues and clients alike. An employee can also easily query a supervisor or manager with instant messaging or just make a free phone call no matter where he or she is located. Rather than having to stop business because of travel or inclement weather, you can continue making money by having a team that is consistently meeting the bottom line, cutting down costs and keeping everyone on the same page. Also, you'll be able to cut down on the overhead costs of keeping an office space and paying for telephone services.

Become a Prime Advisor

With categories in Relationship and Counseling Advice, Spirituality and Astrology, Language Lessons and Translations, Tutoring and Homework, and Business and Personal Finance, you can apply to become a Prime Advisor on Skype and earn money for your services. Whether you tutor students in Spanish or are teaching the latest yoga pose, conducting your services through video can be an easy way to earn money.

How can you become a Skype Prime Advisor?

  • Get a PayPal account
  • Download the latest version of Skype
  • Go to your Account and click on "Earn Money with Skype Prime"
  • Input your service and charge
  • Develop your directory listing

Skype has creative ways for you to enhance your offerings, with buttons that you can use to advertise when you are available for calls. FYI, while you can charge by the call or minute, Skype will take out a 30 percent commission fee from your earnings for the service. Since Skype's most recent venture with Facebook, the sky continues to be the limit with the way Internet, software apps and social media converge to help people connect and collaborate - no matter where they're located. And while opportunities abound regarding ways to enhance both your business and bank account, one also has to be extra careful about Skype scams. If you ever receive a robocall that is directing you to another site, block the number and perform a search in Skype's directory for the caller's name. If the caller is indeed a scammer, their call name will most likely show up in Skype's search results. Make sure to report them by checking Skype's "Report Abuse" box. While you shouldn't have any more problems with that particular scammer, one can never be too careful when it comes to using the Internet for business.

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