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How to Write Blog Posts That People Want to Share

writing shareable blog posts

You know that blogging is a fundamental part of your SEO strategy. It allows you to connect with readers, to keep fresh content on the site and to pull people in with timely information. You don't want a site that gets stale, no matter how relevant it once was. That new content is critical.

But is your strategy giving you all of the exposure that you're looking for? Ideally, you want content that reaches beyond the initial reader. In fact, you need articles that your readers want to share. This extends the net incredibly and increases your chances for brand new traffic. It enhances engagement. So, how do you do it?

Be Aware of Popular Trends

You must understand even the minor trends in your industry. In today's world of social media, news life cycles are increasingly short. If you're weeks or months behind, it feels like ancient news to your readers. Write content that focuses on current trends and even predicts trends to come. Stay ahead of events and on top of the news, and you'll craft timely content that speaks to people regarding the things they're already talking about.

Become an Authority

Ideally, you want to focus on a specific niche and show readers that you really understand this topic. Quality content is critical. The reader has to see that you're an authority on the subject. Remember, many of your readers will be. Hone in your focus, give them content they love and they'll share it.

Craft Headings That Have an Impact

Did you know that most people have an attention span that lasts a mere eight seconds? Odds are, they're going to scan your title, then scan your post. Only if they like enough of what they see are they going to go back and read it. This is the reality you face. You have to craft catchy, engaging titles and headings.

Plus, remember that social media is the lifeblood of shared content. Most platforms post only a headline and a photo. People scanning down a timeline take just a half a second to read that. It has to connect with them instantly. People like to share content that is easily digestible, that stands out from the crowd.

Surprise Your Readers

Give people something unconventional and surprising. Present facts they didn't know before. Give them a point of view they never considered. Not only does this increase their engagement with your blog post itself, but, odds are, many of their peers have never encountered this information either -- and they know it. When something surprises them, they're far more apt to share it to see if it has the same impact on others.

The Value of Real Engagement

Sharing is real engagement, especially on social media. Getting people to like your article is one thing, but it may merely mean they liked the headline. Getting them to share it means they read it, it connected with them and they enjoyed it enough to increase your exposure dramatically. The value for you cannot be understated. This is the type of content that goes beyond SEO. It expands your brand and reputation with every single click.

Jonathan Schlosser

Posted on 30th August, 2018 by Jonathan Schlosser

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