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I Got a Job Writing Content: Now What?

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Writing may seem like an easy job, but it actually takes a lot of work to write a readable, accurate article for the web. Though Internet content may not be held to as high a standard as a physically published article, that does not mean you should not maintain competency throughout your content.

In fact, if you recently got a job writing content online and have a desire to set yourself apart from the less than reputable content that is out there, you may have to work even harder to keep your content relevant, current, and interesting to your readers.

The Basics of Online Content Writing

You want to make sure that you are writing something that someone else will actually be able to read. This means proper grammar, accurate spelling, and complete sentences. Hopefully you know how to keep your content accessible to the average reader. Keep your skills sharp and your content solid by proofreading and editing your articles, or by having someone else do it for you. A fresh set of eyes will almost always be helpful when optimizing content.

Try to avoid using words like "lolz" and "n00b" when writing an informative article. Shorthand words, and even contractions like "can't" and "won't" seem unprofessional. You can avoid them by simply writing the words that the acronyms or contractions represent. Many writers get paid by the word, so changing "don't" to "do not" will help you maintain both credibility and a living.

Conducting Sound Research

One of the most difficult aspects of writing Internet content is doing research. You should not spend too much time researching, but you still want to maintain an effective argument based on solid information. The more you write, the easier it will be to find useful research. It may be helpful to type your title or some keywords into a search engine to find similar, citable articles.

Make sure you maintain a good research to writing ratio. Spending too much time researching your topic will prove to be ineffective if you are obtaining more information than you plan on using. Try accessing several articles at once and quickly scanning for relevant information. Using several sources will help you maintain accuracy and diversity within your content.

It may also be helpful to write several articles at once if they require similar research. You will be able to produce more and better articles as you learn more about the subject of which you are writing. Overlapping information between articles will make your job easier, but make sure each article maintains its own uniqueness. Even duplicating your own content can be dangerous when writing for the web.

Be Unique in Approach and Perspective

You should make sure that your content stands apart from that of your sources, as well. Plagiarism is serious and easy to spot when your content is on the net. If you want to keep your job, avoid writing anything that may appear too similar to someone else's work.

Targeted Writing Towards a Specific Audience

Keep a specific audience in mind as you develop your content. Remembering who you are writing for will help you avoid any patronizing remarks and will maintain a good relationship with your readers. You will be able to maintain a rhetorically effective argument, while keeping your information relevant to a specific demographic.

As long as you give your readers fresh and interesting content, you will probably be fine. Maintain structure within your article, use jokes or puns, make unique connections, and use reputable sources. Stay away from slangy language and fluffy content and give your readers a reason to come back.

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Posted on 3rd January, 2011 by Mike Quayle

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