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Improve Business Decision-Making with Google’s Search Data Update

Google search data

The season of giving came a bit early this year for small business owners and site development teams. Based on recent news posted to Google’s Blog, the company listened carefully to user feedback and devised an update to radically improve access to site performance data.

Under the current system, results stemming from adjustments to site content, marketing campaigns and advertising strategies would not be available for several days, at best. However, when Google’s update debuts, SMB owners should have access to near real-time search performance data.

Enjoy a Side of Fresh Data with Your Morning Coffee

Previously, webmasters and site owners who made adjustments to keywords in high-quality written content, website structure, linking strategies and more would need to wait several days for results. However, with Google’s Search Console update, businesses should receive results from marketing adjustments and more within a day. Imagine having access to critical site performance data each morning and then making necessary adjustments the same day.

How Can Fresher Data Benefit Your SMB?

Faster access to performance data is good, but how exactly can it benefit an SMB?

  • Improved business decision-making
  • Assessing a site’s weekend performance on the following Monday morning
  • Gaining rapid feedback on search performance after a specific event or holiday

Rapidly Address Technical Issues Before They Diminish Performance

In addition to the three exceptional performance tracking benefits listed above, businesses can take full advantage of the capability to address technical glitches in near real-time. Now, thanks to the updated Google Search Console, fresh data reporting, broken links, slow page loading times and other issues may be resolved more rapidly.

How Accurate Reporting Data Helps Businesses Thrive

Accessing Google’s performance reporting tool not only aids the decision-making process, but it also unlocks access to a wide range of important metrics including, but not limited to:

  • An SMB’s average position in search results
  • Customer click-through rates
  • How site traffic fluctuates over time
  • How customers interact with a site from smartphones

Startups can use this valuable data to help adjust marketing strategies, attract a target audience and gain unique insights to help build customer profiles.

Shawn Stalter

Posted on 24th September, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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