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Inspire Customers to Action with Newly Enhanced Tools From the Google Manufacturer Center

Google manufacturer center

Although just over a week into 2019, Google is already forging headlong into exciting new online marketing territory. In a recent announcement, Google detailed a wide range of enhanced services added to the popular Manufacturer Center. This tool was originally designed to help manufacturers and online merchants highlight the features and capabilities of products. However, with the most recent update, the Manufacturer Center now delivers a powerful punch to help SMBs more effectively capture consumer attention via rich content and obtain reliable analytical data to help tailor SEO campaigns.

What Capabilities Does the Manufacturer Center Deliver?

Google’s Manufacturer Center is a free tool which debuted in 2015 with the goal of helping brand manufacturers efficiently deliver detailed product data to consumers via Google search services. By listing accurate product attributes on shopping sites and in product detail panels, this tool helps drive brand awareness and delivers greater control over how your products appear online.

Recently Enhanced Manufacturer Center Services

With recent advancements, Google’s innovative service provides high-quality content and product descriptions, advanced analytical services to measure results and more. Specifically, the overhauled Manufacturer Center unlocks new capabilities including:

  • Rich content -- By partnering with WebCollage, Google hopes to empower SMBs with the ability to embed a wide range of rich content including videos, images and more directly into product descriptions. This delivers a more optimal experience for consumers to help drive conversions.

  • New metrics -- The recent update also includes a wide range of new metrics and analytical services to enable advertisers to gain greater insight into ad performance. With information including top search terms, price fluctuations and information about your competitors, your company will be in a better position to tailor written content and social media services to best meet your goals.

  • Expanded markets -- Beyond rich content and new metric capabilities, the recent update to the Manufacturer Center opened availability to 24 additional countries beyond the seven included in the initial release. Based on this expansion, it is highly likely that the Manufacturer Center will remain a valuable tool in Google’s bag of tricks to help revolutionize online marketing tactics for SMBs.

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Posted on 8th January, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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