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Is Your CTA Ineffective?

CTA effective

You must have an effective call to action (CTA) to get the most out of your content. You know what you want the reader to do, and many will naturally take that action anyway -- they'll read about your product, appreciate the advantages and then order. But many will need a little extra push, especially if they're not sure if they want to make a purchase or not. This is when a CTA is crucial and can impact your sales numbers. But, if your conversion rate is too low, you may start wondering if your call to action simply isn't working. Consider some of the following mistakes that people make.

Using Language That Is Too Aggressive

You do want your CTA to be somewhat assertive so that it asks them to do something, but taking it too far can be off-putting. For instance, the word "submit" is often seen as domineering and impersonal. Saying "submit your email address for more information" may push someone away, whereas something like "If you'd like to learn more, just send us your email address now!" may be better. It puts the emphasis back on the reader and shows the benefit of the action, rather than just telling them to do it.

Offering Too Many Options

Say that your call to action is designed to get the reader to contact you. You know that they can call, email, use the webform, connect on Facebook, connect on other social media sites, start an online chat or even send a fax. If you give them all of those options, though, is it too much? Does it now feel overwhelming? A wordy CTA loses some of its punch and effectiveness. You're best off to pick a few options that you think most readers will choose.

Making the Intent Unclear

Your reader must know what the CTA wants and what it will do. Avoid things that are too simple, like a button that says "Next". What's next? They have no idea. Or, even if they have an idea, they may worry that they're missing something. A CTA that says "Click here to contact us!" or "Enter your email for a 10% discount" will be far more effective. It tells them what to do and how that action will benefit them. You do want to be concise, but you also want to nudge them in the right direction, and it takes more than a word to do that.

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Posted on 1st April, 2021 by Jonathan Schlosser

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