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Earn Discounts on Our Link Building Services at Content Customs

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We love to work with clients that are interested in our link building services. In fact, so much so that we are rewarding all of our new and existing clients with a special link building promotion this month.

Link building is a common search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing approach that is used to increase the number of high quality websites that contain links directly to the various pages of your website.

Order up to 10 links this month and save 10%.

Order 11 or more links, and we'll take another 5% off the order price for a total savings of 15%.

Our link building promotional discount for this month applies to both premium and targeted links.

  • 1 Targeted Link: Normal Rate $165.00
  • 1 Targeted Link: Discounted Rate $148.50
  • 1 Premium Link: Normal Rate $215.00
  • 1 Premium Link: Discounted Rate $193.50

If you order eleven or more links, the savings are even greater.

  • 11 Targeted Links: Normal Rate $1,815.00
  • 11 Targeted Links: Discounted Rate $1,542.75
  • 11 Premium Links: Normal Rate $2,365.00
  • 11 Premium Links: Discounted Rate $2,010.25

Save up to $354.75 on link building services from Content Customs.

When you submit your free quote using the form below, be sure to mention that you'd like to take advantage of this special offer. As long as you order your links in the same 30-day period, we'll be happy to apply the full discount on your entire order. So feel free to test us out with a couple of links first, then order more to qualify for the full 15% discount. We'll simply apply the discount to your final invoice, including an additional 5% on your original links.

Please submit the quick quote form below if you're ready to take advantage of this offer now, or feel free to contact us by phone or through email if you have any additional questions.

The Content Customs Team


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Posted on 1st August, 2012 by Mike Quayle

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