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LinkedIn’s New Social Media Management Guide Helps Tell Your Brand’s Story More Effectively

LinkedIn social media management

LinkedIn’s recently published comprehensive guide to social media management is a must-read resource for startups looking to maximize opportunities to connect with new clients. It not only details best practices for the unique professional networking platform but also delivers eye-opening statistics about the expanding role LinkedIn plays in online marketing and business circles. From Fortune 500 executives to recent college graduates and more, the surging numbers of professionals connecting via LinkedIn presents a lucrative target for startups looking to grow a professional social media marketing presence.

LinkedIn’s Expanding Role in Social Media

According to recent statistics, traffic and user engagement numbers for the site are soaring. With nearly 40 percent of its over 600 million registered users accessing the site daily, LinkedIn is in the midst of a boom which startups should not overlook. The same set of statistics suggests that comments, likes and shares on the platform expanded by over 60 percent via a year-on-year comparison. But what behaviors are users engaging in on the platform? According to LinkedIn, users access the unique professional networking site to engage in a variety of actions including:

  • Tracking emerging industry trends
  • Enhancing and managing reputations
  • Networking with colleagues and peers
  • Vetting vendors, products and services
  • Seeking career advice and more

Unlike Facebook, which attracts people of all ages and demographics, LinkedIn is tailored more exclusively toward the professional user. In fact, according to this recent guide, nearly all Fortune 500 company executives are active LinkedIn members. Additionally, over 60 million LinkedIn users are considered senior-level influencers within their sectors and 40 million of these individuals occupy decision-making positions in a variety of organizations.

Why Your Brand’s Social Media Presence Matters More Than Ever

Word of mouth travels fast. Your business’s active social media presence, once a “nice-to-have,” is now an indispensable part of your overall marketing strategy. An increasing number of today’s tech-savvy consumers discover, learn and engage with new businesses online. According to LinkedIn’s assessment, nearly 45 percent of all social media traffic to a business’s homepage now comes via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Social Media Management Guide

To help social media managers take advantage of the unique features of the platform, LinkedIn published “The Social Media Manager's Guide to LinkedIn." This Ebook delivers a wide range of best practices to help startups capture the attention of surging numbers of users and steer this traffic toward conversions through an active social media presence and a dynamic website which:

  • Uses eye-catching formats to grab users’ attention
  • Varies content length
  • Hosts, shares and links to high quality content
  • Uses hashtags
  • Employs emotionally appealing calls to action
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Posted on 12th February, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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