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Managing Content Company Costs - Client Billing

client billing

One of the major considerations of running an on-line content company, or for that matter, running any business, is how to properly manage customer billing and invoices.

With many on-line content companies, receiving payment for quality content in a timely manner can become a major problem as someone, either a free lance writer or a content company, must place a great deal of trust in the other party. No matter how an individual or a company chooses to handle billing for content sales, delivering custom content comes with its fair share of client billing issues.

Content Project Deposits

One of the ways that Content Customs attempts to solve some of the billing problems is to require a 50% deposit on the total amount that will be due upon completion of the assignment. This is done for a couple of reasons. First, no matter what, the writers must always be compensated for their hard work. If a manager cannot secure payment for a piece of content, it is nowhere near the writer's fault and they should never be punished.

As the writer typically receives about half of the total cost of a project, requiring a 50% deposit ensures that, no matter what, the writer will always be paid for their hard work. Of course, this requires trust on the part of the client.

Content Delivery

One of the policies that Content Customs uses to reward clients for trusting us by making their deposit is to send the content before sending the bill for the remaining amount due. We do this to share the trusting relationship with the person placing an order.

As we are aware that some customers have lost money to shady content companies that enjoy stealing people's money, we have also lost money to clients that have taken advantage of this system to only pay for half of the order and never contacting us again. Although we use security features to prevent this from happening, we can usually only hope to break even if such an event occurs.

Still, every member of upper management agrees that using a system that develops a two way trusting relationship between our company and honest clients is well worth the occasional loss.

Money Back Guarantee

Although we are very rarely put in a position where it is necessary, we also choose to trust our clients by offering a 100% money back guarantee on every piece of content that we produce. If a client is unhappy with their order after revisions, we will always offer a full refund for the order.

We trust our staff to produce the highest quality content every time and very seldom receive requests for rewrites, let alone refunds. If you choose to develop a content company, one of the best things that you can do for your clients is take every step to make sure that they are confident in your services every step of the way.

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Posted on 3rd February, 2010 by Mike Quayle

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