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News: New Content Packages Now Available

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At Content Customs, we have always valued each and every customer. However, clients wishing to enter a long term relationship are essential to our growth and ability to continue offering some of the lowest content prices on the Internet while still maintaining a dedication to content quality and speed of delivery.

For this reason, we are now offering new instant ordering features for our web site visitors that wish to order ongoing content packages with just the click of a mouse and, as always, all of the content that we produce includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Directly on our home page banner or by visiting our long term content packages page you can simply click on one of our packages and order content based on your weekly needs. By ordering long term content, you can take advantage of substantial discounts. Even our smallest package offers a discount of $25 (about 1 free article). Our largest content package offers a huge discount of $1500 for all customers. These package prices are set for customers that wish to order 1-5 months of content.

However, if you wish to order 6 months or more of content, one of our project managers can discuss a substantial discount for your order. With long term content orders, you can get a discount of almost $10 per page or $0.02 a word from our normal rates.

Other Advantages of Long Term Content Packages

With each long term content package, you can take advantage of other important benefits. In addition to receiving the same 100% money back guarantee on all orders and our guarantee that your content will be custom made and unique, you also have the advantage of working with the same project manager and writer(s) through the term of your contract.

This means that you always know exactly who your writer, editor and project manager will be. This makes sure that your content maintains the same quality, voice and tone through the entire term of your order. Few other content companies can make this offer.

Included in Each Long Term Content Order

In the past, our clients have asked if a variety of content can be included in our standard content packages. We include the following in our long term content packages for your convenience:

  • Full Blog Posts
  • Web Pages
  • Product or Web Site Reviews
  • Articles
  • Sales Letters
  • Anything else you might need within 400-550 words

The only items that we do not currently include in our content packages are Press Releases. These items require a specialized, professional press release writer and are much more expensive to produce than articles.

However, we will soon be offering content packages that include discounted press releases. If you have a content order that includes a press release right now, please feel free to contact us and the project manager will be happy to negotiate a discount based on your order.

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Posted on 10th February, 2010 by Mike Quayle

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