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Only 20% of Google Searches Are New

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If you ever wonder how it's possible to choose keywords that users are going to search for, consider the fact that the majority of searches are just repeats. In fact, some estimates state that merely 20% of searches, or one out of every five, are actually new. It could be as low as 16%. Generally, people are searching for the same things that others have already searched for -- perhaps millions of times. Often, they're searching for things that they themselves have already searched in the past.

In some senses, it's surprising that even 20% of searches would be new. People are often looking for predictable things, from news stories to weather reports to where they can buy specific products. They're not alone in this. No doubt some searches are rehashed ways of looking for the exact same things. Consider how many times you've searched for things like "today's weather" or "weather today" or any other variation on this theme. Predicting keywords is possible when you know your audience, because then you know what that audience wants to find and how they usually go about doing it.

Could Voice Search Change Things?

One thing to consider is that voice searches are now more popular than they ever have been. That could change how people search dramatically, as they tend to talk much differently than they type. They'll also use longer sentences and phrases for these searches, almost as if they're talking to another person, when they're really talking to a phone, an Alexa device or something similar. They wouldn't type things out that way on a desktop, but it feels different in speech and people fall back into these same old patterns.

For instance, when you search for "weather today," typing it feels natural. You want specific information. When you tap the button to do a voice search on your phone, though, you may say "What is the weather going to be like today in southern Texas?" It doesn't take all that much longer -- the big reason for the brevity in typed searches -- but it provides a lot more words to the search engine. It's formatted as a question and targets an entire string of words that offer context. This could make searches more unique than they were in the past, considering the unique speech patterns people have in different parts of the state, the country or the world.

Creating the Right Content

It's important to consider things like this when you're creating content designed to target these keywords and phrases. Here at Content Customs, we can help you create a perfect plan to fit your needs. Call today!

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Posted on 13th August, 2021 by Jonathan Schlosser

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