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Pinterest Details Top Holiday Search Trends for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Pinterest holiday search trends

With shoppers already on the hunt for the hottest holiday gifts, tis’ the season for startups and small businesses to tune up their holiday marketing strategies. Capturing consumer interest during this critical time of year often requires an intimate understanding of customer desires and emerging trends.

Fortunately, Pinterest, as a leader in the online marketing space, recently revealed a list of top search trends for this upcoming retail explosion. SMBs of all shapes and sizes can use this information to help align brand messaging and advertising tactics to capitalize on 2019’s hottest search trends.

Holiday-Inspired Searches Already Surging

With holiday-themed searches surging over 200% globally, the 2019 holiday shopping season appears poised to deliver big gains for online retailers across all sectors. Backed by a relatively positive economic outlook, burgeoning small business opportunities and the arrival of colder temperatures, shoppers are already seeking holiday inspiration. As a small business marketing manager or owner of a startup, effectively capturing these consumers’ interest can unlock lucrative opportunities for growth.

2019’s Hottest Search Trends

Although we’re in the infant stages of the season, consumers appear to be honing in on themes such as self-love, sustainability, low-stress and personalized gift ideas. Specifically, Pinterest quotes blossoming numbers for searches including:

  • Hand-made scented candles (searches up by over 460%)
  • Long satin dresses (up over 330%)
  • Sustainable gifts (up over 110%)
  • Holiday family photos (up over 80%)
  • Zero-waste party decorations (up over 80%)
  • Animal print dresses (up over 200%)
  • Small Christmas trees (up 50%)

Applying Emerging Search Trends to Your Products and Services

The speeding holiday sales train isn’t just for businesses that sell decor, photos, clothing, food or sustainable gifts. The hotlist of search trends above can be easily incorporated into products and services from a wide range of sectors. Consider including marketing ideas such as:

  • Using holiday-related, buzzworthy keywords in high-quality written content
  • Highlighting products and services with unique holiday-themed borders and ads
  • Launching holiday shopping specials, discounts and more

By sprinkling just a dash of holiday flair on an annual holiday marketing campaign, businesses of all shapes and sizes can reach new clients and outperform the competition.

Shawn Stalter

Posted on 22nd October, 2019 by Shawn Stalter

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